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Toni Acosta and her toned arms

    Last night, the Barceló Theater hosted a new edition of the Fotogramas de Plata Awards. A gala where the homonymous Spanish film magazine seeks to recognize the best films and performances with its awards and where, of course, the red carpet could not be missing. And it is right in this deployment of outfits where we once again confirm that the poses starring super-sculpted and toned abs seem to have faded into the background -except for Ester Expósito, spectacular!-; the arms (or, rather, the impressive biceps) have taken over.

    We already observed it just a few weeks ago when we were speechless with the actresses over 50 who surprised with their toned arms at the Golden Globes gala and, even, in the last edition of the Fotogramas de Plata when Vicky Luengo monopolized all eyes on her well-sculpted arms.

    A role whose reliefin this edition, has taken Toni Acosta. The actress who, with her characteristic good humor, would get on stage as awards presenter, dazzled on the red carpet (and, of course, during the awards) with the level of toning that his arms showed. They almost, almost, looked like the arms of Queen Letizia.

    Toni Acosta boasts of good toned arms

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    Adopting the role of master of ceremonies, Toni Acosta appeared on the red carpet in a flattering black dress from the Armani firm that, as we had already told you, completely exposed her biceps. Some, it should be noted, that already caught our attention at the Goya awards (along with those of Clara Lago).

    Thus, with this pose, there is no doubt that at 50 years old, exercise tables and good nutrition are two of the fundamental pillars of the good physical shape of which Toni Acosta boasts. And it is that the actress who, from time to time, has shared her passion on her social media profiles, He has been toning and activating his muscles for years with different strength disciplines and of course, cardio.

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    How to get the strong arms of Toni Acosta?

    Although it is true that a few days ago, we shared a routine devised by Patry Jordán to strengthen the muscles of the arms and that, as you well know, we love to share some tips or advice to combat flaccidity in the arms, in this occasion, we want to show you a upper body routine performed by Isabel Barrios consisting of seven exercisesone of our trainers of the month who, we assure you, They will help you enhance and show off such powerful and strong arms like those of Toni Acosta.

    For this, just you will need a resistance band and some dumbbells to enhance the results.

    Elastic Resistance Band – the key ally to strengthen the biceps



    10kg dumbbells – To fully strengthen your muscles



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