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Training with a tennis ball for your abs

            There are many ways to work the core and abs, and today it’s time to do it helping us with a tennis ball. To train our six pack, in addition to giving them rest like the rest of the muscles, the key is to vary our exercises, look for a lot of intensity and do not forget strength training.

            Having a strong and defined core is essential, in addition to aesthetic reasons, to avoid back injuries. And if you run, play paddle tennis or soccer, it will help you start with more power and improve your coordination.

            Training with a tennis ball to mark your abs


            1- In push-up position, ball to the feet and back to the side of the hands.

            2- Carry the tennis ball to both sides of the body.

            3- In an isometric plank position, alternately carry the ball with one hand on each side.

            4- Crunches or shrugs with bent legs without touching the ground and changing the hand ball under the legs.

            5- Crunches or shrugs with straight legs, bending one alternately and changing the hand ball,

            Roberto Cabezas is a specialist in fitness, CrossFit, bodybuilding, training material, nutrition and sports supplementation at Men’s Health Spain.

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