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Treat yourself for Bicycle Day with these products

The first exercise bike that we bring is also the cheaper What are you going to find right now? Despite everything, it has very complete specifications, and is perfect for those who exercise regularly. Dispose of 10 intensity levels, which you can easily regulate with a tension knob. This way you will choose how you prefer your rhythm to be at all times!

Also has magnetic wheels that are capable of providing the best driving sensation and with the lowest possible noise. You won’t bother anyone with your workouts!

To this we must add that it has a LCD monitor where all the parameters will appear: the time you have been training, the speed, distance and even the calories burned. Next to this, you will also find a support for your tablet so you don’t get bored.

Finally, you should know that the seat is extra big and that the bike is very resistant. and all this for less than €200.

Cecotec Extreme Ultraflex: ideal for Bicycle Day

If you have been training or cycling for a while, you will need a bicycle that is a little more advanced than the previous one. AND cecotec has a great alternative: the Extreme Ultraflex model. In this case, it is spinningvery innovative and with a totally groundbreaking design.

It has a flywheel of 25kg, thanks to which the wheel will rotate allowing pedaling to be fluid and agile. In addition, it has a system silent using a high quality strap. In this way, you can train at the time you want without disturbing anyone.

To the power vary resistance, will allow you to fully customize all your workouts. The resistance is regulated by a small wheel that you will find right in the middle of the bike, very easy to reach. And you will be able to control absolutely all the parameters thanks to a LCD screen that he brings with him In this way, you will see the distance, the speed and even the intensity The exercise. You won’t be able to ask for anything more!

Undoubtedly, a bicycle worthy of the highest range. He priceOf course, it is also high, since it amounts to €400.

The most premium bike

For the most demanding, and all those who need power train professionally, it is essential to have a bicycle with even higher performance. how is it from JOROTO, which is specifically designed to make you feel like you are training in the middle of the mountain. Or in the field! It will depend on the resistance you decide to put on it.

This exercise bike has a very robust structure, since it has a chrome steering wheel and a thickened frame. It supports a maximum load of 140 kg, does not take up too much space and is almost 100% silent. One of its great strengths is that the seat is very comfortable and, in addition, that the handlebar is fully adjustable.

You can easily move it around your home whenever you need it, since it has two wheels that will allow you to transport it without problem.

not only have one LCD screen, but also has a support for the tablet or mobile. And, in addition, it repels sweat very well! Although it is true that it costs around €600It is an investment that you will never regret.

Control your activity and improve day by day

Nowadays is totally essential that you get a device that allows you to record the activity you do, your heart rate and even if your rest is enough! Especially if you spend many hours sitting on a bike and want to see how hard you really work. So get one of the ones that we show you here, because they are a very good alternative.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7: very cheap and complete!

For those looking for the best option economic To keep your physical activity and parameters in general under control, this Xiaomi bracelet is the best option. not just because it is very cheap, but because you can do practically everything with it. First of all, you should know that she has a AMOLED screen of 1’62 inches in full color in which you will be able to see absolutely everything.

As for the sensors, you will be able to see your heart ratethe activity you have done, your stress, if your sleep is effective and even your blood oxygen saturation. In addition, you can choose between 110 sports modes very complete, among which you will find cycling. And, while doing sports, you will always see your parameters with full precision!

It is compatible with both Android and iOS, and has a battery able to support up to 10 days without problem. Best of all, it costs less than €50.

Celebrate Bicycle Day with this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Are you looking for a watch instead of a bracelet? This Amazfit GTS 2 Mini It is one of the most affordable you will find, and one of the best value for money! It features a slim, stylish and functional design and is available in a large number of colors. Also, you should know that you can change the strap whenever you need it.

Along with this, it is interesting to note that it has two weeks Of battery. During that time, it will monitor all your parameters, including blood oxygen saturation.

In this case, we are talking about 68 sports modes, a wide range of exercises that you can enjoy without problems. Of course, you will receive all kinds of notifications on your wrist, from calls to messages. And even from applications like WhatsApp! And all this at a single price, since it remains below €90.

fitbit versa 2

Fitbit has one of the great alternatives for those who want to keep up with the activity they do: fitbit versa 2. This smartwatch is much more than meets the eye. It’s not only perfect for staying connected, but also for do sport and even to control your smart devices. Because it brings Alexa with it!

In this case, it will do much more than measure your sleep or your daily activity: the will score. It will tell you if you are sleeping as much as you should and if you are in the phases for the necessary time; It will also tell you if you have to move more in your day to day or if, on the contrary, your body is asking you for some rest.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and also has NFC function. This will allow you pay from your wrist without having to have the watch on you, and it is a real luxury to be able to do it!

Of course, you can go out with the bike and record all your routes without problem. He will become your best friend and ally! Although it is true that it rises to the €150approximately, you will not want to be separated from him ever again.

The most top smartwatch: from Garmin!

Let’s go a step further with this one. garmin, and we continue ascending in this line of quality products until we reach one of the most top of the moment. Although it is true that it focuses above all on the field of running, believe us if we tell you that you will end up taking advantage of it regardless of the sport you do. So it’s great to celebrate this Bicycle Day!

By having GPS built-in, it will allow you to record all your routes without the need for you to always carry your phone with you. It has a large number of Applications focused on achieving maximum sports performance and, in addition, a personalized coaching from Garmin. This personal trainer will be all you need to gradually improve your performance.

One of the most interesting points of this watch is that it will tell you what your VO2 max is, and this will make it easier for you to know where is your limit… And seek to break it at all times! Go for it for about €250, and discover how there is a much smarter way to train.

Other interesting accessories for bike lovers

Finally, we want to show you other accessories that could go well on your cycling routes. Keep reading, you will like them!

Keep your mobile under control

Have a good medium for your smartphone is absolutely essential. In addition, it is important that you invest in a quality device, since what you will have attached to it will be your phone. And this one is not only not cheap, but it is very valuable!

It is suitable for phones between 4.7 inches and 6.8 inches, making it compatible with a large number of different smartphones. has protected all corners, so it will keep your mobile protected at all times. Even if you suffered a fall, there will be no shock or damage that can cost you the phone screen!

Another factor to consider is that has up to 360 degree rotation. Thanks to this, you will be able to move the phone to see the map and always stay within your route. Regarding the price, it is very cheap! Because for less than €20 it could be yours.

A very complete bag for Bicycle Day

You need more than just a support? Well, here we have a support that also has a small bag raincoat where you can store small valuables. Your keys, wallet, headphones… Although it is true that it does not have much space available, it is ideal for these cases!

It is compatible with phones up to 7 inches, so practically all of them will fit without problem. It is black and, as we have pointed out, totally waterproof. It won’t matter if you get caught in a storm outside your home, because your valuables will always be protected.

It is fixed in a stable way to the bicycle, and includes a reflective strip to gain some more security. As for the priceremains around €20.

Garmin Edge 530 with GPS

For those who prefer to carry a GPS and, in this way, do without your smartphone, we have a high quality one! We are talking about the Garmin Edge 530 model, which has a screen in color where you can see everything with great quality. But it is much more than a GPS: it is a cycle computercapable of storing all your performance.

It will automatically record all exercises What you do. As you record more and more training sessions, you will find that this little device compare these sessions with each other. Thanks to this, it will know what your maximum performance is and will be able to tell you if you are trying hard enough. It’s sheer madness!

It has a autonomy Up to 20 hours if you use GPS, but it goes up to 40 hours in energy saving mode. So it will allow you to train as much as you need for hours and hours without stopping. Finally, we must point out that his price It is somewhat high, since it remains at €250.

Our Bike Day Favorites

Do you want to know what they are? our favorites for this day? We tell you! First of all, you can not miss an exercise bike like this one we left here. After this, you will need yes or yes a good smartwatch, and this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini it is a real success. And finally, the perfect accessory! Is bike bagone of the best options on Amazon for those who go out with their bike.

With all this, you can celebrate the Bicycle Day in a totally different way. You will not regret!

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