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Social media sensation Tristyn Lee rose to prominence for his shredded physique as a child bodybuilding star a few years ago. In a recent video posted to YouTube, Lee joined forces with Harley Morenstein, founder of Epic Meal Time, to unveil a monstrous 17,000-calorie carnivore Big Mac cheat meal.

Tristyn Lee found his passion for working out at a young age. As a 15-year-old growing up in California, Lee focused on training and spent the majority of his time in the gym. He first made headlines for his ripped six-pack and muscle detail in 2018. He quickly amassed over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and more than 1.83 million subscribers on YouTube.

Lee received major praise for his intense dedication and found a place in the world of bodybuilding. In Oct. 2018, he made his way to the Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym Venice beach, to join forces with late former Mr. Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden. Coach Chris ‘Psycho’ Lewis mentored them through a tough workout. Rhoden backed Lee as the future of bodybuilding.

Tristyn Lee / Instagram

He’s maintained a high level of fitness since his rise to fame. In Dec. 2019, he motivated his fans with an insanely jacked physique update at only 17 years old. He teamed up with internet sensation Bradley Martyn a few months later for a taxing workout at Zoo Culture gym. Martyn pushed Lee beyond his limits and helped him achieve a new PR. The pair appeared to get along well with Martyn as they partnered for another intense arms and back workout.

Lee left the fans in awe with an impressive physique update 15 weeks out of his maiden competition in Dec. 2020. He showed off his peeled frame with an unreal level of conditioning.

Given how shredded Lee looks, there was speculation about how low his body fat percentage would be. He used a skin fold caliper to test his body fat and revealed the results came out to be 5% at 140 pounds bodyweight.

Tristyn Lee shares a huge 17,000-calorie carnivore Big Mac

Tristyn Lee Ripped
Tristyn Lee / Instagram

In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, Tristyn Lee got together with Harley Morenstein to prepare a massive 17,000-calorie carnivore Big Mac for a cheat meal.

The duo used 3-pound bison burger patties as the base with chicken liver cheese on top. They added bone marrow Big Mac sauce to the meal along with bacon. They devoured the epic cheat meal and reported a positive experience. 

Carnivore Big Mac nutrition info:

  • Fat: 985g
  • Carbohydrates: 378g
  • Protein: 1366g

Calories: 17,000.

Tristyn Lee and Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Frank McGrath teamed up for a brutal arms workout in Dec. 2021. They gave fans a look into the entire training session sharing the exercises they used to get their arms pumped.

Lee’s cheat meal goes to show maintaining a low body fat can be done with some insane cheat meals.

You can watch the full video below.

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