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Using Essential Oils to Enhance Your Meditation Practice • Yoga Basics

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Meditation could be difficult, particularly whenever you want it essentially the most. Fortunately a number of drops of essential oils might help you get essentially the most out of your meditation practice. There are many aromatherapy essential oils  that may scale back stress and rigidity, increase your focus and focus, deepen your respiratory, and assist eradicate adverse ideas. We have discovered ten essential oils that you should utilize individually or in a mix to make your meditation time more practical and fulfilling.

How To Use Oils For Meditation

There are two foremost methods to use essential oils in your meditation. The first is by diffusing it within the air. For this, you should utilize an aroma oil diffuser, to enable the scent of the essential oil to permeate the room. You can even discover scented candles or incense that you could burn throughout meditation. The second methodology is to rub diluted essential oils into your pores and skin. Be conscious that essential oils are extraordinarily unstable, and can want to be diluted with one thing like pores and skin cream, provider oil, or water, so as to be used safely. If you’re utilizing a brand new oil, attempt a tiny check spot in your pores and skin with the diluted oil. If your pores and skin has a response, you must see it in 45 minutes. If you could have a response you have to to dilute the oil additional or select a special scent.

The Best Essential Oils to Enhance Mediation

  1. Essential Oils for MediationSandalwood oil.
    Sandalwood has a candy woody scent and has been used for hundreds of years within the religious rituals and practices of Asia. Sandalwood oil has a variety of properties, from antiseptic to aphrodisiac, and it’s calming scent additionally works as a pure sedative. That makes it excellent for enjoyable your body and clearing your thoughts for a profitable meditation follow. Unfortunately, Sandalwood is being over-harvested and turning into endangered, so we advocate selecting one other scent with related properties (like lavender, chamomile, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, or palo santo) if doable.
  2. Patchouli oil.
    Patchouli is a standard scent utilized in meditation for a way of safety, groundedness and heat. This calming oil has a spherical, full-bodied scent. It additionally blends effectively with sandalwood, lavender, and lots of different oils we advocate, so you should utilize it as a base for a meditation essential oil mix.
  3. Lavender oil.
    Lavender is well-liked oil that’s most frequently used for rest and to promote a very good evening’s relaxation. Many folks use lavender in “dream satchels” which they place underneath pillows to promote good desires and restful sleep. If you meditate to reduces stress and nervousness, or to allow you to sleep, lavender is a superb selection for an essential oil.
  4. Chamomile oil.
    Chamomile, particularly roman chamomile, is one other essential oil that’s excellent for selling relaxation and sleep. As anybody who’s acquainted with chamomile tea can let you know, chamomile is nice for rest and might help you battle nervousness and obtain readability of thoughts. This oil is useful when meditating whereas experiencing stress, anger, insomnia, complications or depression. Note that chamomile is contraindicated to be used throughout pregnancy.
  5. Peppermint oil.
    Peppermint is a well-known scent that helps calm nerves and is deeply cooling and soothing. If you usually really feel boring or drowsy throughout meditation a number of drops of this oil will increase your wakefulness. If you’re feeling a bit congested or simply need to improve your respiratory, put a small quantity in your chest or underneath your nostril earlier than you sit. It’s additionally nice for selling psychological readability, and it’ll support you in focus and psychological focus.
  6. Ylang Ylang oil.
    Ylang Ylang is a robust floral scent that has been identified to scale back rigidity within the body. It’s additionally been prompt that ylang-ylang is useful for bettering flexibility throughout your yoga follow, and even helps release negative emotions, like depression, frustration, and unhappiness. Use this oil to add a bit extra pleasure and happiness in your meditation follow.
  7. Mediation with Essential OilsRose oil.
    If you’re searching for a lift within the self-confidence division, attempt your subsequent meditation session with some rose essential oil. Rose is called the perfume of affection. It might help open your heart and go away you feeling open and receptive to romantic and religious connection. Rose oil additionally reduces stress, nervousness, ache and mensural cramps.
  8. Sage oil.
    If you’re having hassle staying within the second, otherwise you’re feeling overwhelmed by the adverse features of your life, clary sage oil is nice for readability, and for banishing adverse influences in your life. It’s additionally good for restoring power, preserving you grounded, and offering general mind-body stability.
  9. Orange oil.
    Sweet orange oil works effectively with most of the scents we’ve listed, and like peppermint, it’s one other scent that wakes up the senses and thoughts. This oil is great for bettering your power stage and selling cognition, focus, and focus. It’s additionally an excellent temper booster, and is useful for stress, insomnia, nervousness, ache and depression.
  10. Cedarwood oil.
    Cedarwood oil is a woody, candy and grounding scent that may defend you from negativity, chaos and instability. It’s nice for fostering the mind-body connection that’s so vital on your meditation. If you’re discovering it onerous to sit and focus in your respiratory, this calming oil might help put you in the proper state of mind.


Meditation promotes good health, lessens the influence of stress in your body, and helps you get a restful sleep, keep extra productive at work, and enhance your circulation and immune system. You can increase the advantages of meditation and make it simpler to meditate through the use of a number of essential oils. Bonus—add a number of of those meditation scents to your yoga mat spray to give your yoga follow an identical increase!

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