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Valentine’s Day tips for talking about money as a couple

NEW YORK (AP) — Money might not be the most romantic topic for Valentine’s Day, but talking about finances with your significant other is a key element of a healthy relationship.

Money problems are one of the most common reasons couples separate, said Emily Simonia, head of clinical learning at Thriveworks, a mental health company.

In more than 20 years as a financial adviser, Howard Dvorkin, chairman of Debt.com, has had plenty of couples approach him with money issues that eventually lead them to break up.

“You should talk about money, lifestyle, goals and dreams,” he said. “Because (money) affects your dreams, and if you go into a relationship with debt, your dreams may be altered.”

If you’ve been wanting to approach this with your partner but you’re not sure how, here are some recommendations from experts:


Dvorkin recommends having a conversation about your finances as early as possible.

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