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Vianney Rodríguez, the fitness model who fell for Sebastián CórdovaHalftime

Sebastián Córdova is gradually recovering his best version with the Tigers, where Chima Ruiz begins to be one of the indisputables, proof of this was his call-up for Diego Cocca’s first call-up in the Mexican National Team.

And in the personal aspect, the midfielder He also lives a great moment, since he looks very happy with his partnerthe royal model Vianney Rodríguez, who boasts on social networks of her courtship with the soccer player.

Who is Sebastián Córdova’s girlfriend?

In the middle of last year, Sebastián Córdova’s courtship with Vianney Rodríguez began to be made publica model and fitness influencer who boasts more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and a significant number on Tik Tok.

It should be noted that She has been the one who constantly boasts photographs with the Tigers player on social networkswhich are commented by Córdova.

Is Vianney a sports lover?

Although it usually go to the University Stadium to support Sebastián Córdova in the Tigres gamesthere is a video where Vianney Rodríguez points out that his thing is tennis.

Even on his Instagram account He has several photographs and videos where he shows his qualities with the racket.

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