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Video core and explosive mode training with Bosco

First week: complete full body training, with core work

Second week: shoulder girdle training

Third week: explosive training and core work

Third training of February!

This February we return to functional training with Bosco, the new face of ‘Men’s Health Coach of the Month’, an action with which we present each month of this year 2023 to a fitness talent who will guide us for four weeks.

Bosco, Men’s Health February Trainer

known as @bosco_pt in social networks and trainer in @mb_sports_performance, our new trainer of the month proposes a series of functional routines for these next four weeks using different fitness equipment: “The goal of my training is to be as complete a fitness athlete as possible. You must work on both strength and power, stability, cardiovascular resistance or explosiveness, as in this third routine. And always focusing on the core and abdominal area, which is the basis of everything”. And for this third week he proposes a complete workout of an explosive nature and core work.

Explosive and core training

Follow our coach’s advice for correct technique.


1- DB ROW + MINIBAND: 4×12. Keep your hands as wide apart as possible throughout the movement.

2- HALF KNEELING KB WINDMILL: 4×8+8. Seek that the KB is always kept in the direction of the ceiling.

3- DB RDL TO CLEAN AND STEP UP: 4×6+6. Seek control in all supports during movement.

4- KB OBLIQUE SWING (ISO 2″ PAUSE): 4×6+6. Do not move knees or hips, only work with thoracic rotation.

5- SINGLE ARM ROLL OUT PUSH UP: 3×8+8. Try to stick your elbow to your ribs and move your other hand away.

6-KB PULL-THROUGH: 3×8+8. Maintain the integrity of your trunk and keep your hips aligned.

7- LANDMINE C&J: 3×6+6. Draw a straight line between your arm, trunk and leg when finished.

Text: Roberto Cabezas – @robberpau
Video: Luis Cárcamo
Photo: Fernando Roi – @fernando_roi
Grooming: Tati Garú –
Overall look: Under Armor and 226ers
Sport equipment: Unique WOD

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