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VIRAL FITNESS BUT RICH | The Canarian influencer who sweeps Tik Tok for his fitness recipes: “It’s pure Canarian flavor”

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The masked canary that sweeps Tik Tok for its fitness recipes: “it is pure flavor of the Canary Islands”


Tik tok is one of the fashionable social networks, especially among young people. Many of them are looking for their niche to create their own brand on the internet, and that has achieved the canary account @fitnessperoricocreating original healthy recipes so that his followers can do them in their own house of a simple way.

Its contents focus on recipes for all kinds of food, from sweet to salty and with very low kilocalories and high in protein. In addition, the canary accompanies its content with a good dose of humor that its followers love.

His videos accumulate large amounts of visits and ‘likes’, but one of the most viewed is a very typical recipe from the Canary Islands: wrinkled potatoes with mojo. In less than a minute, the TikToker explains how to prepare a recipe low in kilocalories to be able to enjoy one of the delicacies of the islands without breaking the diet. “It is pure Canarian flavor”one of his followers tells him that he has tried the recipe.

Among all the recipes, the canary also takes the opportunity to give some nutrition advice for lose weight or gain muscle mass. His recipes are focused on achieving these goals and many followers decide to try his recipes to make diets “much more fun”.

Its success is based on the appeal of its recipes, since it manages to make some desserts such as cakes, biscuits or ‘Nutella’ itself be healthy. His motto is that you can continue eating foods that would be considered prohibited in any type of diet, if they are prepared at home with healthier foods.

Fitnessperorico’s personal story

One of his hallmarks is that he never shows his face, but instead wears a ski mask on his head. In addition, Fitnessperorico has also shared his own story and the changes you have made in your life.

“I had some bad habits that they were harming my health and I did not like what I saw. So I started training and changing my habits, ”says the TikToker in one of his videos in which you can see his physical change.

@fitnessperorico 108 Kg ——-> 79kg in 1 year with 1.76cm height #muscle#fitness#healthy♬ original sound – FitnessPeroRico

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