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VIRAL: Young fitness ate dog food to gain muscle and generates controversy | News from Mexico

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Many people dedicate time to the gym and to have a good toned body to look good.

For this reason, now on TikTok a video went viral where a boy decide to try new things and ate dog food for muscle protein.


“I tried the dry dog ​​food kibble, and it tasted like little pieces of rocks,” the man began saying and it is that ensures that certain foods have a percentage of protein that should not be ignored.

“It was not comfortable to eat, and it was very difficult to bite”, told his more than 150,000 followers, however, he stressed that they are high in protein. It was learned that he had been tempted by a tiktoker that touched on the subject of eating this type of food intended for canines; that motivated him.

His experiment earned him wax 21.2 million views and his daring became the sensation of the moment.

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