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W Fitness Festival will have its first edition this March

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The event expects to summon more than 500 athletes for the race organized by Nike and Compensar.

W Fitness Festival will be in March
Photo: Courtesy / W Fitness Festival

This coming March 18, 2023, the first edition of the Woman Fitness Festivalwhich aims to bring together more than 500 women and their families around sports, specifically in three disciplines: soccer, running and training.

“It is the first time that a competition of this level will be held in the capital, which integrates several disciplines in the same place, only for the female category,” said Hugo Posada, who is part of the organizing team of the W Fitness Festival.

“The tennis courts, soccer fields, pedestrian paths for athletic practice, and green areas of Compensar on Calle 220 will be set up so that more than 2,000 people, including spectators and competitors, take part in a festival in which the strength, talent and discipline of hundreds of women, interested in emerging and trend-setting sports practices around the world”, he added.


During the festival, for the discipline of soccer, there will be teams made up of six players who will compete in different phases in matches with times of 20 minutes. The best two of each group go to the direct elimination phase until the first place is defined.

For its part, running will run a 6-kilometer journey inside the headquarters of Compensar Calle 220.

The race will generate benefits such as reducing stress, increasing motivation, fostering creativity, improving mental health and also, by doing it among friends and en masse, it promotes social relationships and strengthens spaces for the integral well-being of the attendees”, mentioned Carlos Calvete, Compensar sports manager.

Finally, the festival will also have training as one of the main disciplines and where there will be strength training with weights, dumbbells, gymnastics and physical conditioning. For this activity there will also be a category of Rx, intermediate and climbing couples.

It should be noted that for more information on the subject of registration, schedule of activities and other questions, everything is available at

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