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Wahoo Fitness Introduces the Most Powerful and Accurate GPS Cycle Computer

Wahoo Fitness, a company specializing in smart trainers, GPS cycling computers, applications and sensors for various sports practices, presents the latest version of its Elemnt cycling computer to the market. The new ELEMNT ROAM V2 is Wahoo’s most powerful and accurate GPS cycle computer, updated with Dual GPS, better contrast display, more memory and better user usage of features like navigation or climb segments.

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Regarding the exterior design, the Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 has changed very little compared to its previous version, it has the same 2.7-inch color screen as before, although they have included a slight modification by redesigning the three physical buttons of the front face to include a slight convex shape, in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Wahoo has also jumped on the bandwagon in standardizing charging ports and has made the switch to a USB-C charging port. And as the most noticeable change, the screen stands out, which is now capable of displaying a total of 64 colors, compared to the 8 colors of the previous models. The company uses color to highlight certain areas on maps or to allow users to easily recognize heart rate zones, for example. Achieving a high contrast experience and easy reading of data.

Among the main innovations that the Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 has, the manufacturer highlights:

  • Function Summit Segments Climb, a function that not only brings a world of color to the climbs along the route, but also allows you to see all the climbing alternatives available along your route, providing new challenges on already known routes. Once the route is selected, the bright color of the Elemnt Roam will show a preview of the difficulty of the climbs ahead and how far to go to the top, allowing us to manage energy and power as the conditions change. earrings.
  • Publicly share the route. Wahoo wants to make adventure fun and safe for everyone thanks to the function Public Route Sharing, an easy way to share a route with other ELEMNT users. By simply opening the ELEMNT app anyone with an ELEMNT device nearby will be able to view and upload the route to their device.
  • SUPERSAPIENS integration, The Supersapiens continuous glucose monitor now connects to the Elemnt Roam cycle computer to allow viewing of blood glucose levels in real time. Whether you’re competing in a long distance event or a short training ride, the Supersapiens feature allows you to create a fueling strategy before, during and after a ride. At the moment the Supersapiens feature is only available for the European market.
  • dual band GPS. Confidence when exploring comes from knowing exactly where you are. The Elemnt Roam’s dual-band GPS offers a more accurate navigation experience, especially on wooded trails, areas with poor GPS coverage, or in dense urban environments.
  • 64 color display. The Elemnt Roam cycle computer intelligently uses color to keep the user’s attention focused on the ride. Thanks to color coding, data ranging from the most difficult climbs to the marking of the efforts in the chosen training, allow the user to stay focused on performing and obtaining results.
  • 32GB memory. Upgrading to 32 GB memory allows for increased number of saved routes, detailed maps and structured workouts to provide any type of adventure, any time.
  • Training program System Outdoor Workouts. The Wahoo Elemnt Roam cycling computer uses the Wahoo X feature that allows you to follow structured training plans on indoor and outdoor rides. By simply uploading a workout or training plan to the SYSTM calendar, the Wahoo Sport Science team will set the goals needed to maximize efforts regardless of the training environment.

Regarding the navigation section, the Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 includes preloaded maps of North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America. It will automatically generate turn-by-turn directions for all routes, and thanks to the “Take me to” function it allows you to create a route with turn-by-turn directions, simply by selecting a location directly on the maps page.

Speaking of security, Wahoo offers its users a pack of functions that will allow you to go on an adventure with greater peace of mind. The Live Track feature allows you to share a link so other people can monitor your activity in real time. The integration with RADAR ANT+ allows you to know in real time the proximity of vehicles that are approaching you from behind. And smart notifications provide on-screen pop-up alerts that keep you informed (This feature can be easily turned off with Do Not Disturb mode).

Wahoo Fitness is no stranger to the growing e-bike boom, which is why the Elemnt Roam V2 works with compatible ANT+ LEV e-bikes to display bike-specific information such as battery life, current assist mode , remaining range and other information directly on the computer screen.

Like much of Wahoo’s “open” policy, many of these software updates will be available for legacy Roam and Bolt computers when technology allows.

The new ELEMNT ROAM V2 is Wahoo’s most powerful and accurate GPS cycle computer that is packed with features that turn any ride into a great adventure.

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