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Warrior I Pose Cues – Yoga Journal

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Warrior I Pose Cues – Yoga Journal

  1. From Adho Mukha Svanaanastep the correct foot ahead so the toes are in keeping with the fingertips and cheat the foot barely to the correct Bend till the entrance knee creates a proper angle with the thigh parallel to the ground and the knee stacked over the ankle
  2. Pivot the left heel to the ground so the foot types a 45-degree angle and the ft line up heel to heel or barely wider
  3. Pin the correct outer hip again and in in direction of the left heel whereas conserving the correct knee stacked over the correct heel
  4. Press the left thigh bone again sothe left knee is completely straight
  5. On an inhale increase the torso and arms, arms shoulder distance aside and palms dealing with one another; initially look straight ahead
  6. Allow the shoulder blades to spin out and up away from the backbone and in direction of the outer armpits (upward rotation) with the intention to keep the articulation of the bones of the shoulder and spaciousness on the base of the neck
  7. Spin the biceps again and firm the triceps into the midline
  8. Pull up with the left interior arch whereas spinning the leftinner thigh again with the intention to roll the left outer hip ahead
  9. Keep urgent the left femur again whereas releasing the tailbone in direction of the ground
  10. Emphasize the descent of the tailbone by rooting down by means of the correct heel and drawing the pubis in direction of the navel
  11. Move the decrease stomach again and up away from the correct thigh
  12. Without flaring the entrance ribs convey the palms collectively and search for into the thumbs • Hold for 5 to10 breaths
  13. Release arms to the ground, step again to Adho Mukha Svanasana and repeat on the opposite facet

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