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Warrior III Pose Cues – Yoga Journal

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Warrior III Pose Cues – Yoga Journal

  1. Begin in Virabhadrasana 1 along with your proper foot ahead
  2. Root down firmly along with your proper heel to raise your decrease stomach, drawing the pit of your stomach in and up and releasing your tailbone down
  3. Firm your proper outer hip again and in to the midline whereas urgent your left leg completely straight
  4. Energize your arms to attract extra size into the aspect body with out flaring your entrance ribs
  5. Spin your left inside thigh again to roll your left outer hip ahead, then pivot onto your again toes so your again leg is in a impartial place
  6. Inhale to elongate your backbone, exhale tilt your torso ahead and enthusiastically attain your arms out forward
  7. Shift the weight into the entrance foot and transfer ahead in area whereas elevating your left leg till it’s parallel to the ground
  8. Your higher arms body your ears and your head, torso, pelvis and aerial leg kind a straight line
  9. Continue spinning your left inside thigh to the ceiling so your leg stays impartial you are your pelvis is stage
  10. Continue to interact your proper outer hip to supply stability on your standing leg
  11. Push again along with your left heel whereas extending ahead with arms, crown of head and sternum
  12. Tone your decrease stomach and direct the flesh of your buttocks to your left heel to supply assist on your decrease again
  13. Hold for 5-10 breaths then rigorously bend your proper knee and step again along with your left foot, returning to Virabhadrasana 1
  14. Exit and repeat on the opposite aspect

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