Watch: With Arnold Schwarzenegger As Its Master, Even a Pony Has a “Morning Fitness Routine”; Video 2019

To call Arnold Schwarzenegger a ‘fitness freak’ wouldn’t be a stretch. This bodybuilding legend did not skip his gym even on his honeymoon. At 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to sweat in the gym like he was in his 20s. But he has undoubtedly toned down the intensity of his workouts, matching them with his age. Yet, it’s not like Schwarzenegger focuses only on his fitness. The bodybuilder makes sure everyone around him is fit as well. Moreover, this concern is not limited to his fans or the people surrounding him only. Instead, it’s also applicable to his adorable fur babies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once shared a video that featured the morning workout routine of his pony. So what is Schwarzenegger’s pet’s workout like?

Is Whiskey working out or running for his life?


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On 22nd March 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a video on his Instagram featuring his pony, Whiskey. In the video, Schwarzenegger was chasing his little fur baby on his bike, while the pony was running around in the backyard. Once the pony was done with his rounds, Schwarzenegger gave a carrot to him as a reward.

Adding a caption to the video, Schwarzenegger wrote, “Whiskey has a morning fitness routine too.” The hashtag Schwarzenegger used with the caption shows that the Governator believes he should’ve been a cowboy. Along with the pony, the Austrian Oak has several other pets, including dogs and a donkey.

Interestingly, the pony featured in the video first belonged to Schwarzenegger’s eldest daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger. It was only later that the little one joined Arnie’s pet family. But Whiskey is no longer the newest member of that family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger welcomes two members to his pet family


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Recently, in another Instagram update, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the newest residents of his house. The video featured his two dogs, Schnitzel and Dutch looking at two new adorable ducks swimming in the pool. While the dogs were curiously trying to find out who these new members were, they did not jump in to inspect.

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Seconds later, these two new members flew out of the pool towards a tree. The video also featured Schwarzenegger standing in the corner with his donkey, Lulu. In the caption of his post, Schwarzenegger proudly declared that his animal kingdom is now expanding.


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Whether it be these ducks swimming in the pool or Schwarzenegger’s pony running on the lawn, looks like everyone around Arnold Schwarzenegger has to be fit as a fiddle.

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