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We all want the defined abs of Álex González

        We all want a perfect six pack, with defined, strong abs and not an iota of fat around the waist. And, in this sense, a good example to follow is Álex González who, in his latest Instagram photo, appears on the beach, shirtless and showing off his tablet like never before. “Give up or get up, you tell me,” he writes in the text that accompanies the photo.

        But… what to do to have abs like yours? The first thing to follow is a healthy diet, rich in foods with a lot of protein such as tuna, red meat, hake, whey protein…; fasted cardio, lots of strength training and rest well. And, of course, adequate abdominal work with exercises such as leg lifts on the floor or hanging from a bar, abdominal wheel, and isometric plates with all the variations. (The 25 Best Abs Exercises For Your Core).

        Álex González’s abs

        At 42 years old, his physique and six pack are perfect and he has always said that he loves to play sports. In fact, in a delivery of Planet Calleja With Jesús Calleja they both raised this debate: “if you had to choose only one thing in life, sex or sport?”. And both doubted the answer…

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