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We chatted with Silvia Alonso about sport, leisure and their relationship with social networks

We could sense that sport played an important role in the life of the actress Silvia Alonso because sometimes in his social media posts he slips a photo doing trekking in the mountains, skiing or diving during your summer vacation. What we did not know is that in his day-to-day training and practicing some sporting activity is also something fundamental that he always keeps in mind. And that is precisely why we have been chatting with her, taking advantage of the premiere of the series ‘Without footprints’ that from now on you can see Amazon Prime Video and in which he has a fundamental role (shh, we will not make spoilers)

As we were saying, we have had the opportunity to ask her how she manages her time in order to find space to train between shoots, if she is very fussy about taking care of what she eats, what she does in her free time when we are not seeing her to disconnect and We have also been interested in knowing what relationship it has with social networks. A bit of everything, this is what he told us.

How important is sport in your life?

S: For me a lot because I need it to free my mind a bit, there is obviously a physical component but it is something I need to do to be happy and to keep my head healthy.

Are you disciplined in that sense? Do you train regularly, stick to schedules…?

S: It works for me a bit at times, I also try to listen to myself a bit. If I’m working and I don’t have a lot of time, there are times when I’m not, but generally if I have more time, I am quite disciplined. I don’t have fixed schedules but I do try to do a lot of things, a lot of different activities… Many of my leisure activities have to do with sports.

When training in a gym, do you have the help of a professional?

S: Yes, I have a personal trainer with whom I have worked since I was 23 years old and the truth is that he knows my body perfectly and he helps me when I need to train in a more specific way, such as my back, which tends to contract a lot. Especially because if I do exercises on my own it could be that I get injured or that I don’t do it quite right and in the end I end up worse than I started. But hey, aside from that, I also train a lot on my own.

And on those days when you don’t feel like training at all, where do you get the motivation?

S: I usually try to think that I’m going to feel much better afterwards. In fact, when I’m working and I manage to get up very early to train, I start the day with much more energy, much happier and feeling much less guilty for not having done it. But hey, there are also many times that I don’t particularly feel like it and then when I get down to it it goes away. It is also that for me, in addition to a physical component, it also has a psychological component and I always feel much better afterwards.

Now that the premiere of the series ‘Sin huellas’ has arrived and these are days in which you will be with promotions and a lot of hustle and bustle, what activity do you resort to to escape?

S: Well, in addition to training in the gym, training on my own, sometimes I go running, I play tennis, I really like going to the mountains, in winter I ski a lot… In fact I am thinking that my free time has to do with sport mostly.

As for food, do you take care of it in any special way?

S: Yes, the truth is that more and more. A few months ago I went to a nutritionist and I did a slightly stricter diet to cleanse the intestine and recover the microbiota because I had always had very bad digestions. After that I am trying to eat gluten and lactose free and I feel so much better.

What is your trick to eat well during the duration of a shoot?

S: The best thing you can do to eat well is take tuppers to the set, you eat it when you can and at least you know what you’re eating. Many times the catering is not the best, it is difficult for everything to be healthy or to adapt to you if you have intolerances.

What is the least healthy food that you cannot give up?

S: I like sweets and a good brownie from time to time, it falls.

And speaking of beauty, how do you think it affects the perception that younger girls have of it through social networks?

S: I think that social networks are crazy and we are not prepared for so much altered information, that is, it is not entirely real. I’m a little worried about what’s happening right now, especially with this issue where cosmetic tweaks are being done earlier and sooner. I am very much in favor of them being done, but what is true is that nowadays you open Instagram and it is difficult to tell people apart, it is no longer touching up because you have a complex or you think you are going to feel better than someone else. One way is by “I want to look like” and in the end you are seeing the same face, the same makeup… It seems a bit dangerous to me that we are not valuing what we have and we want to have an algorithmic face. In the same way, we live less and less in reality and more through networks. I have Instagram but I usually delete the application many times because it upsets me and there are times when I don’t want so many stimuli: Even at 33 years old I also fall into that loop. Furthermore, we are supposed to be in a moment of accepting natural beauty, of normalizing all bodies, and it seems to me that it is a bit of a lie because in reality the opposite is being sold everywhere and more and more young people need to transform into who they are not. It’s worrying.

As an actress, have you felt pressure to think that you “need” to touch up or make any changes?

S: We actresses are very exposed and sometimes I think that I haven’t done anything because needles scare me, but that has already made me feel bad for not being able to do it. Then it’s true that I think about it and say “stop, you don’t have to look like anyone”. But yes, I have felt that pressure.

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