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We were at the Nike Holistic Fitness Session and we came out floating

    Women are different from men, what a novelty. Not only anatomically, but we also differ in how we feel when we play sports. We care a lot about the touch, the color, the shape and how technical clothing feels. With the help of more than 100,000 female body scanners, Nike designers know inside out how the human body moves in each activity and how clothes fitbut it is now Nike has gone further: it has interviewed thousands of female athletes, professionals and amateurs, to meet all the real needs of today’s athlete.

    The first thing her research confirmed is that women are more versatile than our male partners. We do more varied physical activities: one day, yoga, the other, a HIIT session, another, we go for a run or go swimming. Men are usually more than one sport, the one that runs, maybe rides a bike and swims; but they do not usually dedicate themselves to a single activity. On the contrary, we, very often, go to the gym at the time we can and sign up for whatever session there is: pilates, body balance, body pump, spinning, ballet fit, whatever they throw at us!

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    Another thing that the Nike team has discovered in their research is that women tend to wear technical clothing with which we feel most comfortable, even if it is not specifically designed for that physical activity. We are legion of those who like to do yoga with more supportive leggings, with technical clothing designed for running and there are lots of runners who prefer to run with light leggings so that their legs breathe, like those used in yoga.

    A holistic fitness experience

    One thing is clear: the woman conceives her life and her environment in a holistic way, that is why we do different sports activities, take care of our diet and disconnect with a meditation session, with a hot bath or staying with friends. Because that is the secret of well-being, a comprehensive approach that considers the person as a wholeinstead of trying to address only one part or aspect of your life.

    So Nike held a Holistic Fitness session in Barcelona, ​​a holistic experience luxury in which we were also able to try their leggings: Nike Go Leggings and Nike Zenvig.

    holistic fitness

    Nike Go leggings, they have me in love.

    I, as a runner, already knew the Nike GoIn fact, I confess that I am absolutely in love with these leggings: they are extremely comfortable, they feel great and they also have six pockets, which makes them perfect for running, or for when you want to carry your cell phone with you. That’s why I decided to enjoy the experience with the Nike Zenvigwhich I did not know: I put them on and I was already floating.

    Nike, in its support of diversity, offers uniform and inclusive sizes so that all women in the world can enjoy their leggings, according to their taste. Each model is now offered in two sizes and in five different lengths.. And some, like the Go Leggings with a range of colors that makes you want to have them all.

    The five pillars of well-being

    The experience covered five wellness principles: nutrition, connection, workout, mindfulness and recovery. we start with a HIIT session with Mireia Borràsin which Mireia forced us to give everything; Only she knows how to do it, also infecting you with her optimism. Yes, yes, Mireia makes you sweat, but you do it with pleasure, without losing your smile. This was my first training session after my last surgery and I was more than happy, absolutely ecstatic.

    holistic fitness

    One thing I have learned in this session is that I have to correct my mistake of wearing running shoes to the gym. For the session I put on the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 Next Naturesome slippers created especially for HIIT sessions, although they are also perfect for CrossFit, Body Pump or functional training. They have two powerful Zoom Air units that, every time you land from a jump, absorb energy and immediately return it to you, propelling you towards your next step or jump. The full plate distributes energy to balance the foot. The shoes also have a lateral arch that acts as a reinforcement so that the foot remains stable when you make lateral strides. A shoe that makes your task easier, and on top of that they are so beautiful.

    After the session, a return to controlled calm… stretching, lowering heart rate. We are ready for the next step; a guided meditation in charge of Fabian Domenech from the Amazon itself: we practiced the here and now, the mind relaxed and a feeling of gratitude took over our body and mind. We connected with ourselves, with our environment, even with our loved ones who were miles away.

    the nutritionist júlia farrè

    It was a pleasure to answer questions about food with the nutritionist Julia Farre.

    But not only the soul must be fed, but also the body. Nutrition is one of the pillars to promote balance and harmony in all areas of life. The nutritionist Julia Farrè He was solving all our doubts about food: from the importance of the microbiota to the benefits of intermittent fasting, going through issues such as inflammation, swelling, intolerances and allergies. All very interesting and instructive, while we chatted we also enjoyed a healthy brunch based on fresh locally produced products. I really came out of the session full of energy, serene, happy and at peace with myself and with the rest of the world.

    Nike Go Leggings

    Nike Go



    They offer the perfect balance between support and comfort, ideal for demanding workouts thanks to their squat-proof and pull-up design. The medium density InfinaLock fabric provides the necessary compression and support in the areas that require it most. The extra-wide waistband offers soft support and prevents rolling, pinching or sliding. Six total pockets, two of which are seamless on the sides, three built-in at the back of the waist, and one zippered on the thigh, allow you to store everything you need: keys, phone, lip balm, you name it. .

    Nike Zenvy

    Nike Zenvy



    They are perfect for yoga, bike rides and walks, offering incredible softness and freedom of movement. InfinaSoft fabric provides a lightweight “cloud legs” feel and provides smoothness with every move. These leggings have fewer pockets for a slimmer look, but their hidden pocket at the center back is big enough to hold your phone. They feel great and make you feel light and beautiful.

    Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 Next Nature

    Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 Next Nature



    A shoe designed for quick bursts of power, intense pace changes and fast-paced workouts, these shoes take you to new heights in HIIT, but are also perfect for functional training, Body Pump, Cross Fit. Each time you land from a jump, its two powerful Zoom Air units absorb energy and immediately return it to you, propelling you towards your next step or jump.
    Sleek, integrated mesh creates zones of light support right where you need them most. The new structure and Engineered Mesh (stronger and more flexible than regular mesh) combine to create more volume in the forefoot and maintain comfort in a wide variety of foot types. They have an adjustable tongue that allows you to easily put them on to give your all in your training. The tongue is combined with a comfortable ankle area to make them easy to put on and take off.

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