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Weights and other gym accessories to train anywhere this summer

The gyms do not agree: while some tell us that in summer the number of people who go to train increases because they want to look good -because of putting on swimsuits and showing almost our entire body-, others comment that in summer there is usually a drop in clientele because they go on vacation, and it is in September when they sign up again.

Each one will speak from their own experience, but there is no doubt that they sport, even if the thermometer shows 40 degrees in the shade, it does. Who doesn’t run into a couple of ‘runners’ on the promenade first thing in the morning? And what about those who take advantage of the fact that the sun has not risen yet to do yoga on the beach or walk along the shore? That without counting the innumerable cyclists that one sees on the roads and paths… And besides that, the patios and gardens of hotels, apartments, houses… are witnesses of training with little or no equipment: a HIIT in the lawn, for example, or in the living room of the house, removing the occasional table to have space for some squats with elastic bands, among many other options.

Doing sports in summer, always following the indications to protect yourself from the suffocating heat and with sun protection, is very beneficial from anywhere, and these are some of the accessories and materials that it is convenient to put in your suitcase and accompany you to continue with the routine daily fitness or to join a sporadic training with friends and not be caught without what is necessary.

Sports equipment for training wherever you are

Countless kettlebells are sold to train strength from home or anywhere else, and this 1.5 kg kettlebell is ideal for starting this type of training. It is available at Flying Tiger for three euros.

Summer is synonymous with the beach, and going deep into the sea to dive and discover the best kept secrets of the ocean is a great plan. These Amazon fins become an essential especially at this time of year. Its price starts at 23.59 euros.


To strengthen those muscles

You will know the famous small balls that fit in one hand and are used to train strength in them, right? Well, this tool known as ‘hand grip’ has a similar function, only that it is much more efficient. The weight that is trained is 5 kg and it costs 1.5 euros at Flying Tiger.

A classic especially in summer. Playing ping pong helps strengthen your arms and legs, so don’t miss out on spending a few minutes a day. This Decathlon set is available for 9.99 euros.

Taking a paddle tennis racket on vacation is a success because at any time a game arises. And the one in the photo is not just any shovel… It is the Trilogy II Control, by Siux, which has just received the BEST award. Neither more nor less than the work tool of Patty Llaguno, professional paddle tennis player. This piece weighs 345-365 grams and is available for 289 euros.

Seac Giglio is an underwater mask that lends itself to multiple activities, from snorkeling to recreational diving and spearfishing. It is available on Amazon from 22.57 euros.

They don’t bulk anything up, they don’t weigh you down, and they help you stay in shape anywhere. These are made of high-quality non-slip materials and are available on Amazon for 13.99 euros.

Columbia always has everything you need for a most comfortable sports experience. And this accessory could not be missing. The Unisex Tech Shade cap incorporates mesh side panels to promote air flow through the interior, and a hydroabsorbent headband that keeps the forehead and head area dry when you play sports in hot weather. Its price is 20 euros.

Without it in winter it is necessary, in summer it is impossible to imagine training without a bottle of water. From ABC Bienestar we recommend one that is reusable, and since Dopper has many colors and sizes, why not choose one that we like right away?


To take advantage of the space

When the space we have to store something is scarce, there is nothing like resorting to a two-in-one, like the backpack in the image, which is convertible into a beach towel, it is perfect for those looking for a practical accessory for both the beach and the pool. Available in Colmar for 69.30 euros.

Flip flops are necessary in sports practice exactly when the training is over. The experts do not advise going to public showers without them, and if they are also as beautiful as these, it will be a pleasure to wear them after having sweated too. In the image: Blue Sleepers for 39 euros.

There is no summer without swimwear, and wearing a bikini close by is essential to not be left out of any summer plan, such as paddle surfing, diving or ping pong. The bikini in the image, by Hunkemöller, with a multiposition top, is a good option.

You always, always, always have to take a pair of sneakers in your suitcase, and these are designed to accompany you to any activity. The new HOFF silhouette is committed to functionality and comfort, and there are so many colors that it will be impossible to choose.

For the beach, the pool and even to do yoga from anywhere without having to carry a mat, a towel is not only used to dry yourself… These are two of the most beautiful. The Futah towel costs 39 euros.

This is arguably the funniest accessory of the summer: aquatic gloves for swimming, which help release more force from your hand when you’re swimming. Available on Amazon from 11.79 euros.

This yoga roller is also ideal for Pilates and is used for muscle recovery, improving range and movement. Available at Flying Tiger for 15 euros.


A little sun protection

The experts already say it: at any time of the year, sun protection is important. And if we are talking about everything we need to be able to exercise outside the gym or at home, a serum and cream that protect us from sun exposure is essential. Quinque’s serum is the best option (+SPF50) as well as Olay’s face cream with +SPF30.

Even going for a walk with these ankle weights has greater benefits over the activity. The ones in the image are from Moi-Primor.

They do not bulk anything in the suitcase and help in training. Don’t forget the anti-slip discs on your summer vacation. Available at Decathlon for 31.90 euros.

In a park, beach or on the street there are no lockers to store our personal belongings. If in a gym we leave everything in the locker, now in summer when we train outdoors it is convenient to carry a small backpack or toiletry bag where the essentials fit. This one from Havaianas, made of rubber – it does not get wet or get air, for example – costs 17.99 euros.

If tennis players wear wristbands, why don’t you? For any activity, they are a perfect complement. The ones in the image are from Lululemon (15 euros), one of the highest quality sports brands on the market.

Whether it’s for stretching, yoga or floor exercises, the mat is the best option to prevent your back from suffering. This is from Lululemon and costs 98 euros.

These vented gloves protect your hands when you deadlift, pull up, or do any other exercise. They are from Lululemon and cost 38 euros.

They are a complement for all seasons of the year, so socks are also essential during the summer because they protect the foot from the damage that footwear can cause. These in the image are from Smiley by Sprinter and are available for 7.99 euros.

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