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Wellness Goals for the New Year

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – If you’re looking to feel your best in 2023, registered dietitian nutritionist Jamie Lee McIntyre can help. She recently joined CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko with some tips.

When it comes to wellness goals, a lot of people say protein is a great place to start and Jamie has a few items that she is recommending right now.

She says, “There’s a link between protein, a healthy nighttime routine and staying on track with health goals. And that’s why I’ve been loving the new Good Night Nutrition Shakes and Protein Hot Cocoa Mix, which are the newest protein offering from fan favorite, Premier Protein” “And, they’re the first to help support a healthy nighttime routine with the addition of a unique nighttime protein blend.”

In addition to being a nice dessert-like treat, these drinks deliver ten grams of satiating protein and essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium and zinc, which can have a calming effect on the body. You can enjoy delicious flavors like cozy cocoa, caramel, blessed and dreamy, vanilla hot or cold as the perfect nighttime ritual to help unwind before bed.

You can find Premier Protein products online at Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

Another way Jamie Lee’s recommendation we improve our healthy eating in the new year is to
just simply work on meeting the recommended two fruits servings per day to help get the fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay well.

Jamie says, “Last year, the CDC released data showing that only 12.3% of us adults surveyed met their daily fruit needs. So to make fruit super convenient I love these “That’s It” fruit bars.”

“They’re the perfect healthy snack on the go with all the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit with none of the hassle or rotting. So these are made with just two ingredients, both 100% fruit, and literally that’s it. So I’m loving these brand new, strawberry and bananas, fruit bar variety packs. Now available exclusively at Sam’s Club. Great way to stack up.”

Jamie’s general goals for wellness include, “Focus on what you can add to your routine rather than that restrictive mindset. So more water, more daily walks, more journaling, more fruits and veggies. You know, be realistic with your goals and remember to just give yourself grace.”

You can learn more tips from Jamie Lee McIntyre, RDN at her website: www.jamieleerdn.com

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