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Wellness Wednesday: Stress reduction tips with Dr. Annie White, author of ‘The Calm Code’

ST. LOUIS — The Calm Code is a revolutionary way to train your mind to dramatically lower stress and anxiety. It’s a step-by-step method based on neuroplasticity. Neuro means brain, and plasticity means easily shaped or molded. Every technique in the book is based on the science of the brain and can train/rewire your mind to be relaxed.

Wednesday morning, Dr. White joined Mary in studio to share two methods in the book. The Happy Sparks and Triple Thanks Boogie which are both simple tools to help you in moments of stress or anxiety. 

You can learn further information about Dr. White and order her book at doctoranniewhite.com.

For more stress reduction techniques from Dr. Annie White, check out her last appearance on Show Me St. Louis.


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