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Wellness Week Kicks Off at Northeastern

Wellness Week at Northeastern kicks off Monday with dozens of virtual and in-person events across the university’s 14 global campuses. The week is dedicated to developing and supporting students’ holistic wellness.

A full schedule of events is available on the Office of Prevention and Education website. 

Wellness Week events include: “Reframing Rejection,” a talk on how to deal with rejections in the job search, making a self-care kit, a HIIT dance class, and the benefits of having and caring for dorm room plants. 

From 2-3 p.m. Monday, Michael Pitt, a performance and mindset health adviser at Northeastern, will hold a seminar called “Remote Control For Your Brain.” Pitt will talk about the science behind breathing and exercise-based interventions and how they relate to our minds, bodies and emotions. 

Northeastern Global News sat down with Pitt to discuss some essential tips that he plans to share during the session:

First, can you describe what you do for your job?

The services that I provide fall into what people call performance mindset training. It’s for motivated individuals or organizations trying to optimize their performance to get better, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

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