West Liberty Soccer player set for second trip to FC Barcelona’s Development Camp

MUSCATINE, Iowa {KWQC} – A West Liberty soccer player returned from Barcelona and was asked to return to continue training at the FC Barcelona Development Camp.

Xavi Hernandez, 10, has continued to excel at his Pearl City Soccer Club in Muscatine and at the FC Barcelona Academy in Chicago.

In November, FC Barcelona sought him out and took him and his family to Barcelona to train at their development camp.

“The growth we saw gave us the confidence that he has very good potential to go very far, at his age,” said Diana Hernández, Xavi's mother.

Xavi is named after the Barcelona legend and current coach, but seeing it all in person, Xavi says it was a dream come true.

“It was good,” said Xavi. “It's with my entire team, it's like a family to me. They support me and we support them; “We support everyone, every player.”

Xavi instantly caught the attention of his coaches and trainers with his quick movements and finishing with his left foot. FC Barcelona has seen that before… in a player like Lionel Messi, whose game Xavi adores.

“Seeing him excel there was very different than seeing him here,” Diana said. “The fact that the feedback we're getting shows us and helps us, it gives us the idea that we're on the right path for him and hopefully we give him a future in football.”

One of Xavi's favorite memories was visiting Camp Nou and of course seeing…

“Xavi {Hernández},” said Xavi. “We got seats close by and were able to watch the game. “We were in the corner with a flag, we were able to touch the grass and see the players training.”

With Xavi and his family's crazy schedule adapting to their training schedule, Xavi and his family are grateful for the encouragement of the community.

“We are very grateful that his family members support him,” Diana said. “Even the school community, their teachers, everyone has been wonderful in working with us.”

“My whole family supports me,” said Xavi. “People at school ask: 'Are you going to Spain? How long are you going to stay there?' It’s funny because I always have to tell them in case they know I’m leaving.”

Xavi and his family fly back to Barcelona next week. The 10-year-old boy will play in the next FC Barcelona Development World Cup. He will play against children 12 years old and younger. Xavi is expected to start.

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