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What Are Smart Beds? Can It Improve Your Sleep? Price And Other Details


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Smart beds, as the name indicates are beds that are technologically superior to the ones we normally use – phones became smart-phones, remember? Its the same mechanism.

So, what really are smart beds? Are there any benefits to smart beds? Let’s explore.

What Are Smart Beds?

The science behind smart beds is that they track your sleep and learn from it, thus enabling you to sleep more soundly. Smart beds vary from model to model, but most of them are fitted with sensors that monitor things such as sleep duration and quality.

Some models come equipped with features such as temperature control, position control, and firmness adjustment [1]. Some models may even prevent snoring by gently elevating the head [2].

Smart Beds: What Are The Benefits?

Embedded technology in smart beds measures how we sleep and adjusts to our sleeping position. Some models offer sleep-related tips, while others will make the adjustments automatically.

Depending on your preferences, some models automatically adjust the firmness and temperature of your mattress.

The following are some of the benefits of using a smart bed:

  • Can assist you in identifying your sleep patterns.
  • It may assist you in detecting health problems [3].
  • It may enhance your productivity [4].
  • It may be able to improve hormone balance [5].
  • Data from smart beds may be able to provide health care practitioners with an accurate, longitudinal view of the health of the sleeper over time.

Are There Any Negative Effects To Smart Beds?

Smart beds are no different from technological innovations rampaging at full speed, and there are bound to be some side effects associated with them.

Despite their many benefits, smart beds also have a number of disadvantages, including the following:

  • The practice of tracking can become unhealthy: The more we stress about sleep, the worse it can get, and the more obsessed we become with the idea of a good night’s sleep, the more unhealthy it can become.
  • The use of technology can be distracting and overstimulating: In a sleep environment where there is a lot of technology, we may become distracted and stimulated [6].
  • Everyone cannot afford smart beds: It is not easy for everyone to afford smart beds due to their high price point.

Can Smart Beds Improve Sleep Quality?

While smart beds have their own benefits of boosting sleep by reading the overall health of the users, experts point out that no technology will ever replace our sleep biology’s intricate architecture. As a result, implementing healthy sleep habits can greatly assist you in getting deep, restful sleep [7][8].

Smart Beds: How Much Does It Cost?

While smart beds are expensive, they are becoming increasingly popular globally. In India, the price of a basic smart bed ranges from 3,00,000 to 6,00,000. Smart beds with more features can cost upwards of 8 lakhs.

Smart Beds In Hospitals: A Boon To Healthcare

Even though smart beds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they are essential to the healthcare industry. With their specifications that contribute to improving the efficiency of medical personnel on the one hand, and to facilitating patient movement on the other hand, smart hospital beds are among the most critical elements in patient rooms within all kinds of medical facilities.

On A Final Note…

A smart bed can provide you with the ability to monitor sleep-related data such as sleep quality, movements, heart rate, and more. In the event of sleep problems, it is important to maintain healthy sleeping habits and consult a physician if you are experiencing insomnia.

Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2023, 19:17 [IST]

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