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What are the technological trends that the fitness world has brought? – PressPeru

Lime.- Technology has become a great ally in daily life, even when exercising. Thus, it is turning sport into an increasingly interactive and entertaining discipline. Currently, not only are there watches capable of monitoring physical activity, you can also access virtual training sessions with instructors on the other side of the world via the Internet.

For example, apps like iFIT can connect to sports equipment via Bluetooth. This allows fitness fanatics to be guided in their routines by world-class coaches such as Ashley Paulson, John Peel, Tommy Rivers, Michael Phelps, among others.

For this 2023, more technological trends in physical conditioning are appearing. The experts at ROK, an experience center and store specializing in sports equipment, reveal three of the innovations that are changing the way you exercise:

  • live events: Entering live and from home to events in real time, which take place anywhere in the world, is already a reality. Technology makes it possible to run a marathon on the beach, ride a bike in Arizona or climb Everest. All this without having to leave home.
  • Smart Adjust: From another continent, a coach will be able to adjust the speed, resistance and inclination of the equipment on which the routine is done in real time, offering the possibility of recreating the terrain where the live workouts are carried out without the need to make manual adjustments.
  • Activate Pulse: In order to avoid excessive demands during the routine, this technology automatically adjusts the training according to the user’s heart rates, which are measured through different gadgets. In this way, the equipment increases or decreases its resistance and speed to maintain the ideal heart rate.

All these sports innovations can be found at ROK, a store located on Av. El Derby or at Jockey Plaza.

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