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Find out what MetCon is and discover how you can implement it when it comes to conditioning your metabolism. What are you waiting to do it?

What is MetCon?

Last update: March 19, 2023

To determine what is the MetCon it is necessary to deepen the concept and understand that it is a word that refers to an abbreviation in English. Generally speaking, the MetCon means ‘metabolic conditioning’ which translates as metabolic conditioning.

Such conditioning can be achieved with any type of high intensity training. that manages to stimulate one of the three energy pathways of the organism. Have you ever heard about the subject?

What is metabolic conditioning?

Metabolic conditioning focuses on adjusting the metabolism according to the needs of each person. Usually, it is used to improve physically and physiologically in a physical practice. sporty. However, before going into detail about such conditioning, you must understand what metabolism is and what it consists of.

Metcon stimulates the body’s metabolic pathways through high-intensity exercise.

Metabolism can be understood as that set of chemical processes by which the organism converts nutrients into energy or use it for a specific purpose. So it stands out as one of the most important processes of the body in general. In addition, it is related to the metabolic pathways mentioned above.

What is metcon and metabolic pathways?

He MetCon directly influences the metabolic pathways, by means of which it modifies its behavior and conditions it according to the needs of the person who carries it out. To condition it, you must first know them and point out that there are 3 main types. Do you know them?

Types of metabolic pathways

Within the metabolic pathways, 3 types stand outby means of which the organism obtains the necessary energy to carry out various physiological and physical processes.

It should be noted that the movements of the body in general are direct participants in these processes, and although it seems logical, on many occasions it is usually overlooked.

Therefore, we will teach you these pathways and how they participate in the metabolism of the organism.

The alactic anaerobic pathway gets its name from the fact that it does not need oxygenbut uses phosphocreatine to generate energy.

On the other hand, it produces very little amount of lactic acid, which is why its name is complemented. Normally, it is the route that is used in high intensity physical efforts and short duration, especially in power movements.

The lactic anaerobic pathway for its part, also does not need oxygen for energy production. In this case uses stored glucose, but produces large amounts of lactic acid.

In this, the fatigue produced by the accumulation of lactate in the muscle is perceived and it is normally the route that is used in stimuli from 20 to 90 seconds, approximately.

The aerobic pathway is the only one that uses oxygen for energy production.. This uses carbohydrates, fats and proteins as energy sources, which is why it is distinguished as one of the ones that produces the most amount.

It should be noted that this way It is used in activities of greater resistance and lower intensitysuch as long-term races.

protocols metcon

Once you know what it is metcon You must bear in mind that a series of protocols are used in order to stimulate the energy pathways. Said protocols are used according to the needs of each personso they usually vary in training routines.


Tabata is a training method that stands out as one of the main protocols MetCon. Said method is carried out during 4 minutes of execution, within which high intensity work is carried out by intervals. In total there are 8 rounds of 20 seconds of execution, for 10 seconds of rest.


To perform a routine AMRAP you can perform some simple exercises.

In it AMRAP the capacity of the organism is put to the test, since, as many repetitions as possible must be carried out. Normally, it is divided into roundsbut it can also be done in repeats directly.

understand what is MetCon and get advice

He MetCon basically consists of implement a training protocol or method by which you consume the greatest possible amount of energy in order to stimulate metabolism of the organism.

Nevertheless, The ideal is that you advise yourself correctly in order to focus the routine according to the needs and objectives you have regarding the subject.

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