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What Taking Aspirin Every Day Does to Your Body

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You might have learn or heard about varied experiences that taking each day aspirin—sure, that old-time resident of your grandmother’s drugs cupboard—might have advantages for contemporary health situations. “Aspirin, or acetylsalicylic acid, is a medication that is indicated for many different things,” says Kenneth Perry, MD, an emergency drugs doctor in Charleston, South Carolina. “From fever control to pain control, even heart attack treatment, there seems to be a new indication every few months.” That stated, this widespread on a regular basis drug referred to as aspirin is a powerful one, and it could trigger some critical unwanted side effects in sure folks. Read on for extra in regards to the options and advantages of aspirin, and what taking aspirin daily does to your body. (And at all times seek the advice of your physician earlier than starting a brand new drug or treatment routine.)


Aspirin Can Reduce Inflammation

Woman holds her belly with hands with closed eyes due to pain
Woman holds her stomach with arms with closed eyes due to ache

Aspirin works by inhibiting prostaglandins, the enzyme that serves as an on-off swap for ache and irritation. That’s why it has been used for fevers and ache for greater than a century. Today, it is nonetheless usually prescribed to deal with or stop health situations attributable to irritation within the body.


Aspirin Can Cause Stomach Ulcers

Suffering From Abdominal Pain Touching Aching Stomach Lying On Couch At Home
Suffering From Abdominal Pain Touching Aching Stomach Lying On Couch At Home

It bears repeating: Aspirin is a powerful drug, and a few folks cannot tolerate it nicely. “Chronic use of aspirin can damage the lining of the stomach, causing stomach ulcers and pain,” says Leann Poston, MD. “The risk increases in people over age 65, those with a history of stomach ulcers, and those who take blood thinners or drink alcohol.”

If you are delicate to aspirin, your physician might advocate taking one other NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) as a substitute, akin to ibuprofen.


Aspirin May Reduce Your Chance of Heart Attack or Stroke

Adult male with heart attack or heart burn
Adult male with coronary heart assault or coronary heart burn

“If you have had a heart attack or stroke, your doctor may want you to take a daily low dose of aspirin to help prevent another,” says the American Heart Association. “Aspirin is part of a well-established treatment plan for patients with a history of heart attack or stroke.” But the AHA notes that you simply should not take each day aspirin except your physician prescribes it—they will help you consider the dangers and advantages and decide if each day aspirin is best for you.


Aspirin Can Increase Your Risk For Bleeding

Bandage on finger
Bandage on finger

Aspirin is among the most well-known anticoagulants, that means it thins the blood. This has benefits (akin to decreasing the danger of a second coronary heart assault or stroke, which are sometimes attributable to blood clotting) and dangers.

“In case of injury, internal or external platelets aggregate at the site to help clot the blood. When you take daily aspirin, this aggregation is affected and leads to decreased coagulability, says Nikhil Agarwal, MD. “It can enhance your danger for bleeding, particularly in case you are taking sure different dietary supplements or are on sure medicines.” One attainable facet impact is gastrointestinal bleeding, says Barry Gorlitsky, MD.


Aspirin May Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Probe colonoscope. Doctor gastroenterologist with probe to perform gastroscopy and colonoscopy
Probe colonoscope. Doctor gastroenterologist with probe to carry out gastroscopy and colonoscopy

According to a 2016 meta-analysis printed within the journal JAMA Oncology, individuals who took aspirin for six years or longer had a 19% decrease danger of colorectal most cancers and a 15% decrease danger of gastrointestinal most cancers of any sort. The researchers estimated that common aspirin use might stop almost 11% of colorectal cancers and 8% of gastrointestinal cancers identified within the U.S. every year.


Aspirin Can Cause Tinnitus

female having ear pain touching her painful head
feminine having ear ache touching her painful head

According to Dr. Guy Citrin, ND, each day aspirin use could cause tinnitus, which is the notion of noise or ringing within the ears. This typically goes away when the drug is discontinued.


Aspirin Can Lead To Liver Damage

Woman sitting on the bed and touching her left side in pain at home
Woman sitting on the mattress and touching her left facet in ache at residence

Another attainable facet impact of each day aspirin use is liver harm, in accordance to Dr. Khawar Siddique of DOCS Spine + Orthopedics. According to the Cleveland Clinic, one signal of liver harm is jaundice, which is a situation during which the pores and skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes flip yellow.


Aspirin May Cause Children To Develop Reye’s Syndrome

Worried dad father check temperature touch forehead of unhealthy schoolgirl daughter sitting on sofa at home
Worried dad father test temperature contact brow of unhealthy schoolgirl daughter sitting on couch at residence

Reye’s syndrome is a uncommon situation that causes confusion and swelling within the mind. “The actual reason for Reye’s syndrome is unknown, however it mostly impacts kids and younger adults recovering from a viral an infection,” says the NHS. “In most instances, aspirin has been used to deal with their signs, so aspirin might set off Reye’s syndrome.” That’s why medical doctors advocate not giving aspirin to kids or youngsters for fever or ache.


Aspirin Can Cause Seizures

man with prescription medications
man with prescription medicines

If somebody has epilepsy or is on some seizure prevention treatment, taking aspirin might have an effect on that. For instance, as a result of aspirin is a blood thinner, it could alter the quantity of treatment within the bloodstream. It’s greatest to seek the advice of your physician earlier than utilizing aspirin each day.

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