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Why free weight exercises are the new ‘burpees’ in gyms

Sport is not spared from trends either. As in fashion, gastronomy or travel, to cite three examples that more or less everyone likes, it also “goes by seasons”. We see it globally, going from running fashion to triathlon, or from tennis to paddle tennis, among many others. And we also see it at a specific level, within each discipline: in the fitness, without going further. Although functional training, calisthenics or crossfit are still in force, it is evident that in gyms the weightlifting inspired workout and Olympic lifting.

Surely the rise of cross fit In recent years, it has had a lot to do with this boom in “classic” barbell lifting in gyms. For many years it was the essence of gyms, which had a dumbbell area, benches and, above all, many bars and positions to use them. Over time, they were cornered, sharing space with cardio machines of all kinds and work areas with machines or with materials typical of functional and high-intensity training. Now, although all the aforementioned fitness disciplines continue to have space, more and more people are seen, of all people and, above all, of both sexes, training cleans, deadlifts, and olympic liftingeither. That is why we wonder what has happened so that the charge is something like the new burpee (star exercise of functional training or HIIT) in gyms. Answer two personal trainers, Beatriz Diaz and Pedro Garcia-Calvillo.

The benefits of free weight strength exercises

The latter focuses, before going into specific details about the clean, on the benefits of strength training with free weights. “They can burn as many calories as cardio, and in less time since we need a large amount of energy to perform them. They are explosive, require balance, endurance and coordination, and allow work the whole body”, says the specialist. This, he adds, translates into advantages such as “increased muscle mass, bone density, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar and fat loss.”

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