Why Hydrogels Like Maurten Yield Higher Performance in Runners

An age-old dilemma for endurance athletes: How to fuel long runs with out diverting your path to the closest Porta-Potty? Some sports activities goos, chews and bars may cause GI misery akin to inhaling a White Castle Crave Case. Luckily, you possibly can side-step abdomen woes and max out efficiency by consuming hydrogels, a carbohydrate supplement that’s extra simply absorbed by your intestine with out the pressing must hit the toilet, per new analysis in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Maurten sells handy packs for on-the-go gas.

In the research, runners who consumed hydrogels after a two-hour run had been then capable of full a 5K time trial 7.6 % sooner than those that didn’t devour the gel, and greater than 2 % sooner than runners who drank a standard sports activities drink.

“The data shows that ingesting carbohydrate in hydrogel form led to a significant increase in the amount of carbohydrate being utilized as fuel compared to a standard carbohydrate solution,” says lead research creator Josh Rowe.

Hoping to replenish on hydrogels to your upcoming marathon? Swedish firm Maurten presently holds the patent on this know-how.

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