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Why peanut, food allergies have become ‘almost epidemic

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Sicherer advised CNBC that improved peanut tolerance can have an effect on food allergy victims and their households. “If you can increase the threshold let’s say from 1/100th of a peanut to two peanuts, that’s an amazing safety.”

It’s not simply peanuts, although, with Sicherer citing milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and different nuts as being among the many commonest allergies. “They account for most of the food allergies, but you can be allergic to almost any food,” he mentioned.

Most youngsters outgrow milk and egg allergies, however peanut allergies are tougher to take action, he advised CNBC.

Sicherer, who’s writer of “Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends on It,” mentioned that one potential trigger is “the cleanliness theory,” which suggests youngsters aren’t being uncovered to the germs that assist construct up immunity.

“The thought is we just have such clean living now” that youngsters are on computer systems and never in playgrounds, he mentioned.

As a end result, “our immune system may be getting misdirected and attacking things that it doesn’t need to, because our immune system is the part of the body that’s supposed to protect us from germs,” he added. “But for allergies, it attacks the foods and makes us sick.”

While there’s not but a remedy for food allergies, Sicherer mentioned remedies are “very promising, not just for peanuts but for other foods as well. The other amazing thing is that we have more than a dozen different therapies that are in the pipeline, that are actually being tried in people now to look at more foods.”

The final purpose is a full-fledged remedy, the physician mentioned. “But in the meantime, safety is really a big part of it. When you’re living with a food allergy, it’s like you’re living in a landmine situation,” he added. “Every meal, every snack, every party, every social activity — is that food that can hurt me going to be there?”

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