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Why we should be cautious with the use of the lumbar belt

To start by making a general idea clear, if you do not have a goal linked to competition, or you are a person with proven sports experience, the recommendation should be that you forget about the lumbar belt. Without denying that it has its function, the risk of the lumbar belt is that many people begin to integrate it into their workouts without having previously had the opportunity to strengthen their body. But not only that, on top of that they do it with the false perception that it is cautious and helps prevent injuries. Although in the weightliftinghe powerlifting or the CrossFit the use of a lumbar belt is quite common, the truth is that it hurts to look at that image of a ghost from the gym that walks from one side to another with a tight belt so that everyone thinks ‘oh, but how strong’.

The fact that in the videos of the great champions of strength disciplines they are all wearing a lumbar belt, does not mean that it is optimal in your case. Imitating the stars sometimes leads us to make decisions that are not necessarily the right ones for us, and the lumbar belt is no exception. Here we have Ronnie Coleman Giving it all with a belt so tight it hurts to look at it:

What may be essential for some is equally harmful for you. Let’s see what it is for, what it is not for and why, in general terms and for the vast majority of people, it is not recommended.

Why is the lumbar belt used?

There is a general feeling that the belt is worth to be able to lift weights that you would not be able to without it and that it ensures a lumbar disc protection facing an injury. Both statements are not correct or at least not entirely:

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