Wolverhampton residents offered rewards scheme fitness app

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Beverley Momenabadi said the council aimed to sign up to 50,000 residents to the scheme

A new health initiative will allow participants to turn exercise into points that can be redeemed for shopping and cinema tickets.

The pilot of the Better Health: Rewards programme will be run in Wolverhampton throughout the year, in what is thought to be a first in England.

The scheme, run through an app, will also offer the incentives to people who eat healthily.

It will link to free fitness trackers.

During the course of 20 weeks, participants will collect points for each goal they complete, which they can then exchange for the rewards, which also include clothes.

The government has made £3m available for users who meet weekly challenges and improve activity.

Participants can earn goods with a value of up to £40.

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Wolverhampton residents must be over 18 to use the app

Beverley Momenabadi from Wolverhampton City Council said the local authority had been chosen for the pilot for its “track record in being able to get out there into communities.”

The council was ambitious in terms of how many residents it would like to take part, she added.

“Up to 50,000 would be amazing,” she said.

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Mamta Saini and Tariq Ali were some of the first city residents to sign up

Local resident, Mamta Saini, said she had signed up to the scheme and hoped the app would help her “get fit and look good”.

“I can’t wait to get going,” she explained.

National supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Morrison’s and Tesco have signed up to participate in the scheme.

Vouchers and merchandise from retailers including Amazon and Argos will also be on offer.

Discounts at gyms and leisure centres across the city will additionally be available.

The scheme is open to Wolverhampton residents aged 18 and older.

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