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Yoga Anatomy: Safely Care for Your Body as You Stretch into Forward Bends

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Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) is a standard pose that lightly massages your stomach organs, calms your nervous system, and stretches your again body (hamstrings, glutei, and again muscle tissues). The pose―an integral a part of Sun Salutations and circulate yoga lessons―improves stability, stimulates circulation, and challenges respiration by strengthening your diaphragm, which should work tougher to inhale on this inverted orientation.


Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) Instructions

Stretch your complete again body with this pose. Get probably the most out of the asana by holding a slight bend in your knees. This could enable you really feel the stretch within the stomach (heart) of your hamstrings. To defend your meniscus, tendons, and ligaments from pulling and tearing, don’t lock your knees.


Standing Forward Bend Anatomy

• As your weight is introduced ahead, your ankle dorsiflexors interact, stabilizing your toes and ankles additional into dorsiflexion.

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