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Yoga for Rock Climbers – Yoga Journal

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Yoga is among the easiest methods to enhance your mountain climbing. It not solely will increase your flexibility, nevertheless it additionally promotes steadiness, improves your strength, calms your thoughts, helps with damage prevention, and teaches you how you can be aware of your body. New Jersey-based yoga teacher, and avid rock climber Malka Abreu says, “I believe yoga and rock climbing are a symbiotic practice, supporting each other to push you out of your comfort zone while strengthening the connection between your mind and body through similar types of movement, breathing, and mindfulness. Yoga has really challenged my ability to sit with uncomfortable situations.”

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After all, while you’re in school holding a posture that feels insufferable, you don’t have any alternative however to tune into your body in that second and breathe by the discomfort. Yoga trains you to focus on your breath and let every part else fade away. By doing so, your mind and body can concentrate on motion and enhance instinct. As lengthy as we preserve exhibiting up and placing within the work, bodily and mentally, we are going to see outcomes. “The same thing goes for climbing. When you reach the crux of your climb and you feel like you can’t make it through or you just took a huge whip and don’t feel like moving forward, you must challenge yourself to be in that hard and uncomfortable situation and to learn how to breathe through it. Only then will we be able to truly make progress and reach that next hold.”

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