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#yoga #seatedposition #asanas Seated Yoga Poses

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Asana – the Sanskrit time period for a pose in yoga, actually interprets to “position of sitting”. Hence, yoga basically means the way you place your self. This is exactly the explanation why most yoga lessons start with sitting poses. However, there are different causes to this as nicely, equivalent to low danger of falling, extra management over body, higher joint and backbone opening by gentle stretching, and so forth.
Yoga is all about completely different asanas that enable you obtain holistic health. Every asana impacts a selected a part of the body. While some asanas could be finished standing, some could be finished whereas mendacity down and a few could be carried out seated.

The seated asanas could be finished anyplace, anytime and they’re going to enable you improve your health too. Stretch a bit whereas seated and these sitting yoga positions can assist you tone your muscle tissues, make your backbone versatile, relieve stress and nervousness, and therapeutic massage the stomach.

These sitting yoga poses are superb in case you don’t need to interact in strenuous actions whereas exercising.

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  1. Sita Bhandari

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  2. Yoga and Fitness With Shiva

    October 27, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    namaskar, today's yoga poses is seated yoga ssanas. These asanas are very crucial for our physical and mental health

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    Good job

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    दामी छ भिनाजु

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