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Young woman from the capital leaves Dentistry to succeed as a fitness girl

DRAFTING. A beautiful Honduran woman shared her story of an “unfulfilled dream” and assured that she left her profession as a dentist and decided to dedicate herself to her true desire to be a girl fitness.

His name is Blanca DiMarcoan attractive woman from the capital who is dedicated to creating healthy content, where she shows her exercise and eating routines.

In recent days, the “trend” of “unfulfilled dreams” has become popular, where users say that they are doing something totally different from what they studied. This is how recently young He shared with his followers that he left behind his career as a dentist to submit to the fitness world and it is that he did not care that his decision was not well regarded by other people.

Blanca DiMarco.

Unlike other compatriots who confess that they do not practice their profession due to lack of employment, Blanca says that she does not work as a dentist because she has wanted it that way.

In a video he shared on instagram, the Honduran shows her graduation day, showing off her university degree. Then, she appears doing what she really likes, which is exercise.


“We all have a story. follow your own dreamsbecause then you do not know the turns of life, “wrote the girl.

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Give up dream of being a “youtuber” and end up as a cashier

A young Honduran man made a video where he shared how one of his biggest dreams came to an end: “being a youtuber.”

Through Tiktok, the young man revealed that the one he was recording was “his most personal video.” In it he shows how he started making videos of interviews and ended up being a cashier in a store.

The Honduran identified as «The Mauri»was known for interviewing social groups known as “DKU” and “Los HN” in San Pedro Sula.

In it video it shows how in 2020 he was trying to be a youtuber representing and then in 2023 he ended up getting paid in a store.

This video has received more than 18,000 likes and dozens of comments. Several people have motivated him not to give up on his goals.

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