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Your Mask Needs These Three Layers to Fully Protect You, Study Says

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As the pandemic has progressed, one factor has grow to be more and more clear: face masks help stop the spread of coronavirus. Scientists have additionally been ready to examine the different types of masks which can be obtainable to acquire a strong understanding of the perfect sorts to use to hold the general public—and even the person sporting the face masking—most secure. Now, a brand new examine has added to the mounting proof that your mask isn’t fully protecting you if it would not have not less than three layers of material. Read on for the main points, and for extra recommendation on what masks not to use, try If Your Face Mask Has One of These, Stop Using It Immediately.

Researchers at Virginia Tech University tested 11 different types of face masks, together with 9 fabric masks made out of supplies similar to espresso filters, a cotton T-shirt, and different materials in addition to a face protect and surgical masks, Yahoo! News studies. And there was a transparent winner.

“We recommend now based on this study that people use a three-layer mask,” Linsey Marr, PhD, a number one aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech and co-author of the examine, mentioned throughout a press convention on Nov. 23. Specifically, Marr recommends a masks through which “the outer two layers are a tightly woven but flexible material that allows the mask to conform to your face,” with a layer product of vacuum bag or filtration materials within the center. If that is the case, your face masking might permit filtration as excessive as 90 %, the researchers discovered.

The findings again up a examine printed within the journal Science Advances in September out of Duke University. For that report, researchers examined 14 completely different masks’ ability to block respiratory droplets, and so they discovered that apart from N95s, a three-layer surgical mask allowed the fewest variety of droplets to get by its barrier. And coming in third was a three-layer masks with polypropylene appearing as a filter between two layers of cotton.

Read on to discover out extra about how your masks carried out within the examine, and for extra on what different health officers have to say about PPE, try The Only Reason Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Endorse a National Mask Mandate.

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Man wearing a face mask outside during the coronavirus pandemic

To decide the outcomes, scientists used a mannequin face attached to a nebulizer to simulate exhalation and speaking set throughout from one other face that was inhaling to take a look at completely different masks, including ones made from bandanas, vacuum luggage, espresso filters, and HVAC filters.

The researchers discovered that whereas three-layer supplies had been clearly superior, Marr added {that a} material with a “good, tight weave” might additionally make some two-layer masks possible. And for extra on how to hold your self protected, try Don’t Spend More Than This Long in the Grocery Store, Doctor Warns.

Homemade protective mask and pieces of cloth on a gray background. Selective focus.

The Virginia Tech scientists conducting the experiment had been fast to level out that, not like the Duke researchers, they did not embody medical-grade N95 masks—that are named such for his or her means to lure not less than 95 % of particles—as a result of “for practical reasons, having the general public run around in N95s is a challenge because of the shortage,” Marr defined.

But essentially the most helpful discovery of the experiment is that even a homemade DIY solution will be drastically useful to those that select to make their very own masks. “It’s not something I would ask a health care worker to wear in high-risk situations,” Marr mentioned. “They need the best protection we can get. But given that it’s impractical to have everyone in the general public walking around wearing an N95, I think homemade masks are definitely helpful.” And for extra on what works greatest, try The Materials You Need to Make the Perfect Face Mask.

woman with face mask looking out the window on a bus

With the examine, Marr and her workforce set out to decide whether or not masks had been useful past simply stopping the unfold of the virus. By testing the effectivity of various kinds of masks, in addition they found which might present one other stage of safety.

“Filtration works both ways,” Marr mentioned. “If it works for source control, it’s going to work pretty well for exposure reduction to protect the wearer also,” which implies that any masks environment friendly sufficient to cease particles from being exhaled into the air will even be adequate to hold them from being inhaled. And for extra up-to-date info on COVID, sign up for our daily newsletter.

coronavirus outbreak - woman wash hands with surgical mask .

Still, researchers had been fast to add that masks aren’t the one factor that may convey concerning the finish of the pandemic. Following other public health guidelines may also play an enormous function in protecting everybody protected.

“No one study by itself is going to tell you the whole story,” Marr mentioned. “And no one intervention—masking, social distancing, hand washing, indoor ventilation—will stop the spread of COVID-19 alone. The mask is one of the many interventions that we need to combine together.” And for extra on coronavirus tips, try The CDC Is Now Warning You Not to Go to This One Place.

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