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YouTherapy In Milford Offers A New Take On Long-Term Wellness

MILFORD, CT — A new physical therapy office aims to keep patients healthy and strong after their sessions end.

YouTherapy and the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand opening Friday at its New Haven Avenue location. Owner Rey Abadilla, who has been practicing physical therapy since graduating in 2006, noticed that his patients may get one issue solved with physical therapy, but others wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

“I wanted to give more to my clients, who are in the older population, and I realized being a physical therapist, we are being limited with what we can do for our clients because of the insurances, he said. “…if we could break away from that and built a gap between full wellness and therapy, we can fit right in.”

The Milford and state population is getting older, and places like YouTherapy will be key to helping seniors live active lives, State Sen. James Maroney said.

“We are going to have an older, but more active population,” he said. “People are living longer, and so we need to find ways to keep them in their homes and living their best lives and that’s really what you are going to do.

Mayor Ben Blake said the city will appreciate YouTherapy, which will help keep the city healthier.

“Thank you very much for bringing health and wellness deeper into the heart and soul of the City of Milford,” he said.

YouTherapy is there as the middle ground between physical therapy and a regular gym, owner Rey Abadilla said.

Typically, a patient would only get a limited number of sessions for something like knee pain covered by insurance, he said. The patient may have other issues that can be addressed through guided exercise, but those aren’t covered by insurance.

Generally, a physical therapist would give a patient some tips and direct them to join a gym, but some patients, especially older ones, may not be comfortable with a typical gym environment, he said. YouTherapy offers a comfortable environment with physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified trainers and dieticians on hand to help guide people on a path to long-term healthiness.

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