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How Can I Tell If I Have Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

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Dry pores and skin and dehydrated pores and skin are the identical, proper? Wrong. The two are very totally different in relation to pores and skin care, although you’ll be able to even have each dry and dehydrated pores and skin on the similar time. The strategy to resolving these pores and skin care points is essential, as you is perhaps utilizing merchandise for dry pores and skin when yours is definitely dehydrated (or vice versa), which simply aggravates your pores and skin care woes. Confused but? Don’t be, we spoke to Bioderma’s pores and skin care professional, Emilie Montassier, to provide us all details and science for the most effective pores and skin options but.

How Dry and Dehydrated Skins Differ

Dry pores and skin is a pores and skin sort (very similar to oily or mixture pores and skin) that’s prompted resulting from lack of lipids. Montassier says the “main issue here is that the skin barrier is impaired,” which means the lipid ranges are missing inflicting extreme dryness (not a super pores and skin state of affairs!) “Dry skin can be dehydrated, whereas dehydrated skin is not necessarily dry but could also be oily or combination” Montassier clarifies. Dehydrated pores and skin could be very totally different, noting that “we can’t consider dehydrated skin as a skin type but more as a temporary state,” it lacks water each internally and externally. Dehydrated pores and skin is “a very common problem affecting all genders and skin types.”


As beforehand talked about, dry pores and skin is brought on by a loss of lipids because of an issue with the skins barrier so “the skin loses more water than usual and also becomes dehydrated.” Dry pores and skin may be worsened through the use of the improper pores and skin care, likewise not utilizing any pores and skin care in any respect can have a huge impact in your pores and skin health. Hormonal modifications may also wreak havoc on the pores and skin. Genetics can play a task in pores and skin varieties too; some individuals are susceptible to dry pores and skin greater than others. Whereas, dehydrated pores and skin is brought on by a “mix of internal and external factors such as environment (wind and cold), social factors (smoking and alcohol), and emotional factors (stress).” Keep your showers at an inexpensive warmth and the central heating down, and each your checking account and pores and skin will thanks for it. Another foremost issue contributing to dehydrated pores and skin is lack of hydration contained in the physique: not consuming sufficient water! It is probably the most overused pores and skin care tip however most necessary. Your pores and skin wants inner hydration to externally profit from it.


“Dry skin suffers from possible itching, discomfort, scales, roughness, and even cracks in the skin.” Sufferers may discover that it’s irritated simply, even from probably the most mild merchandise. Montassier highlights that dehydrated pores and skin signs typically depart the pores and skin in a state of “tightness, discomfort, loss of radiance, increased facial lines, and cause trouble for biological functions such as the bodies healing process.” You can also discover that your pores and skin feels dehydrated however also can look oily, and you should still get breakouts regardless of the tight feeling. You may additionally discover that your make-up turns into patchy all through the day.


Bioderma’s Atoderm range is ideal for these with dry to very dry pores and skin because it “supplies the lack of lipids and helps the skin to produce its own lipids thanks to the products Skin Protect complex, which also rehydrates the skin.” Montassier recommends utilizing a “day by day mild cleanser that will increase lipid ranges, just like the Atoderm Shower Gel ($20) and Oil. ($11)” The Atoderm Moisturising Cream will “act on lipids and water levels.” All merchandise from the Atoderm vary are appropriate for face and physique from start.

For dehydrated pores and skin, Montassier recommends utilizing the Hydrabio Range because of the Aquagenium patent inside. She recommends utilizing the Hydrabio Serum ($25) beneath the Hydrabio Eau de Soin to “fight daily pollution and fix makeup.”

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