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14 exercises in the pool to burn the excesses of the beach bar and keep fit

In summer it is very difficult to maintain the diet intact. Social life increases, the change of residence with the holidays forces us to put aside our habits and the beach bar It haunts your thoughts at all hours. If we add to this the laziness, bad treatment we find for our physical form. Many people find it difficult to maintain their sports routine in summer because they prefer to make room for a dip in the pool. so stop do not give up on the effort of trainingthe best thing is that you take the exercises to the pool. Inside, more specifically.

The best exercises to do in the pool are those that make up the aquagym classes that, on many occasions, will not coincide with your schedules. Actually this type of activity is a adequacy of training out of the water in this medium counting on the conditions that are generated inside the pool. They are mainly the absence of gravity (which will help you reduce the impact on areas with greater risk of injury such as the back and knees) and the endurancevery important when it comes to building muscle.

Why exercise in the pool

With an aquagym session of 30 minutes you can burn some 600 caloriesIn other words, training underwater not only helps you stay in shape, but it can also help you lose weight by accelerating your metabolism. With three times a week You can exceed 1500 calories, which are what a mature woman usually consumes on average per day. Supplemented with daily cardiovascular exercise and a more or less balanced diet, a month may mean a loss of 2 kilos.

Although the most interesting thing is how with an accelerated rhythm and an organized table, this type of exercise collaborates in the growth of muscle masskey in the maturity of women who, after exceeding 40 years of age, can suffer sarcopenia if they establish strength training in their routines.

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What exercises to do in the pool

As we have pointed out before, it is about adapting the strength and cardiovascular exercises What do we do with our body in the middle? Therefore, the ideal is to combine both with the depth you need according to the muscle group that touches you, because as in any other training, we recommend you vary the object to rest the muscles.

  1. walk underwater. You should use it both as a warm-up exercise in all your routines in the pool and specifically to work the lower body. Printing intensity can be one of the most effective with quadriceps and calves.
  2. Run. If the exercise becomes routine for you, we advise you to intersperse runs on the spot, imitating the movement of the legs and arms during a race out of the water at a certain intensity to accelerate your cardiovascular rate.
  3. chest openings. You need to get into the pool until the water covers your shoulders. You can stick your back to the wall if you need support and open your legs at the hips. From there, open your arms to each side, at chest height, and bring your palms together in a slap in front of your chest. Add intensity to the exercise so that the deltoids and scapular area are involved in addition to the pectorals.
  4. shoulder rotations. With your arms stretched out and immersed in the water, trace circles in the water to one side and to the other.
  5. fists out. Alternately and with arms submerged in the water, alternately throw punches forward of the chest.
  6. triceps. Stay in a pool area that covers you to the chest. Rest your hands on the edge and get out of the pool to activate your triceps. Revel in the movement and rise slowly so that the arms maintain the tension of the force.
  7. leg raises. Keep your back against the wall and rest your elbows and hands on the edge of the pool in an area where you do not have your feet. Raise your legs straight and together until they form a 90 degree angle and lower again to activate your core. After several repetitions, ease the exercise into knee-to-chest raises. You will feel that the abs burn.
  8. side crunches. Starting from the same position as in the previous exercise, raise your legs to one side and to the other.
  9. ABS. Take your legs out of the water and rest your calves on the edge. Press your buttocks against the wall and raise your trunk with your hands crossed over your chest.
  10. Bicycle. The pedaling movement must be completed with the butterfly-style arm to maintain flotation and make the exercise more complete (full body).
  11. glute kick. In this case, stick to the wall facing the edge of the pool (hold on if necessary) and raise your leg back. Do several repetitions first with one leg and then with the other.
  12. butterfly kicks. Holding onto the curb and facing the water, perform strong and fast butterfly kicks, as if you were going to swim in this style, without ever separating your legs completely.
  13. Jumping Jacks. In this case, look for the water to be slightly higher than your waist and jump by opening and closing your legs and arms at the same time. It is an exercise that in the water minimizes the impact.
  14. splits in the water. Here the water has to reach the height of the waist and it is a question of exchanging the lead foot in the stride with jumps in an alternative way.

To consider that the exercise/training is effective, make sure that each session has a minimum duration of 20 minutesperforming at least 3 series where you dedicate between 1 or 2 minutes per exercise. And don’t forget to stretch when you finish, out of the water, so that your muscles recover more easily at the end of the session.

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