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15 healthy (as well as filling) snacks for any day of the year

The snack is essential in many diets so as not to reach the dinner with much hunger and end the day eating more than they should. if you are looking healthy options with which satiate you appetiteWe give you some ideas.

What is the healthiest for a snack?

Combining yogurt and nuts is an excellent option healthy snack. Are food which provide Vitamin A and group B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals As the calciumhe matchhe magnesium and the zinc.

What snack that does not get fat?

Reme Navarro presents in the following video the best weight loss snacks. The pharmacist, dietician and nutritionist advises taking greek yogurt with berries, celery with cream cheese, boiled eggs, Custard with taste of vanilla, fruit with cream peanut, toasts with tomato and mozzarella, cocoa bars and sandwich of tuna.

What foods should not be missing in a snack?

There is a wide variety of good food for the snackas the following:

  • Fruit.
  • Vegetables.
  • Yoghurt and others dairy products.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Wholemeal bread.
  • Oatmeal and cereals integral.
  • Tuna.
  • Egg.
  • Turkey and chicken.
  • kefir.
  • hummus.
  • smoothies.

What can I snack on that is high in protein?

The feed brand aldelis recommends snacks rich in protein and healthy, like a chicken sandwicha toast with olive oil and turkeya toast with a hard-boiled egg and spinach or a yoghurt natural without sugar with nuts.

healthy snacks for kids

The child nutritionist Christina Capella teaches healthy snackssimple and fast for children in the next video. One of his ideas is a sandwich of wholemeal bread with slices of tomato and cheese cool. You can also add vegetables as spinach either cucumbers.

another of the suggestions of the expert is to do fruit skewers. You can too chop them up and place them in a dish with some funny way for the little ones, who can collaborate in its preparation.

Salty healthy snacks

If you are looking for one salty snack and healthyyou can easily prepare a toast of wholemeal bread and add cheese, tomato, scrambled eggs and arugula.

fitness snacks

Feel like taking care of yourself share one recipe of fitness snack with waffles. They are made by mixing 4 tablespoons of cheese fresh smoothie with 4 clear in the blender, to which must be added 80 grams of oatmeal whole wheat and 2 tablespoons yeast chemistry. then check 4 ripe bananas and a tablespoon of essence vanilla either cinnamonmix again, and ready for the waffle iron!

sticks of carrot and celery with hummus form another possibility of fitness snackto which you can add some tomatoes. This proposal brings energy and nutrients essential, as well as being easy to prepare.

Hummus with celery sticks, carrots and other ingredients PEXELS

Healthy snacks with oats

Nails oatmeal pancakes and banana sugar free are a great option healthy snack. The mixture proposed by the dietitian Monica Acha it takes 200 milliliters of milka banana chopped, 150 flakes of oatmeal and a teaspoon of yeast chemistry.

Another possibility with oatmeal is he porridgewhich you can prepare by boiling milk with oatmeal and a little cinnamon. Add fruitlike some cut strawberries and ones blueberriesto enjoy this tasty snack.

Porridge with strawberries and blueberries PEXELS

Healthy snacks away from home

There are options of healthy cookies and without sugar, a snack what can you eat out of home. In this sense, Delicious Martha explains how to prepare home made recepies with peanut butterchips chocolate and almonds.

Healthy snacks to go

the ‘youtuber’ Maria Casas teaches healthy snacks to take to work. One of his proposals is to homemade quesadillas and you go down in caloriesincluding strips chicken natural, a slice of Havarti light cheese and Mexican sauce.

Another of his takeaway recommendations is a avocado sandwich and loin stuffed with yoghurtingredients that have healthy fats and proteins.

Avocado and tenderloin sandwich YOUTUBE / MARIA SQUAT FIT

Healthy snacks for school

A healthy snack for the ones children take to school it’s a fruit shakewhich can be prepared at home using milk either yoghurt natural and adding flakes of oatmeal. In addition, it is a healthy alternative to many packaged juices, according to Monica Acha.

The dietitian also advises preparing snacks with fruit and nuts, which can be transported in a container and are suitable for children over 5 years of age. In case of doubt, you can resort to a product such as peanut butter.

Healthy snacks in winter

the ‘youtuber’ Laura Mareno It teaches you snacks that you can have ready in less than 10 minutes. One of his suggestions will give you energy for the months of winter. They are some little balls which is made with 100 grams of flour oatmeal60 grams of dates and one baked apple.

Healthy summer snacks

A refreshing snack and ideal for him summer is the one who wears one of the fruit star of that station. try the frozen watermelonwhich in this proposal is accompanied by chocolate and pistachios.

Quick snack for any day of the year: strawberry and banana smoothie

the ‘youtuber’ Jess Carter teaches how to make a strawberry banana smoothie quickly. You only need 250 grams of strawberriesa pair of bananas medium size, 250 milliliters of milk and a yoghurt natural of 125 grams You can also add ice cubes To the mix.

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