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2 Korean exercises to have a flat lower stomach in 10 minutes

He lower belly It tends to inflame more commonly than we think. Although, the feeding is an important factor, we can also counteract its appearance with a couple of Korean exercises that will help us tone this area so that it looks completely flat.

These are movements that you will do lying down, so we suggest you wear comfortable clothes and above all, do them on a yoga mat so you don’t get hurt. Keep in mind that if you have an injury, the ideal thing is that you first go to your doctor to tell you if these Korean exercises are suitable or not for you.

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Remember that before doing any exercise you have to make a heating to avoid fractures or sprains. Move your whole body for at least 5 minutes at a slow but steady rate.

Exercise 1

For this one First exercise you shall lie down about him rug. Place your back straight and with your feet make a movement as if you were on a bicycle. That is, you will act as if you were pedaling in the air. repeat this exercise 15 times for 3 series.

Exercise for flat lower abdomen | YouTube / Fitness by Vivi

Exercise 2

stay lying down on the mat. This exercise consists of opening and closing the legs so that they tone up while your lower abdomen begins to eliminate the fat accumulated. When you open your legs make sure that your heels touch the ground and then put them together back in the air. Repeat this exercise for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Exercise for flat lower abdomen

How to maintain a flat low abdomen?

He lower abdomen it can be inflamed when we eat greasy foods that are not good for our body. For this reason, we suggest you bring a balanced diet so you don’t get inflamed after eating and also, have an active life with exercises what can you do from home. don’t forget to take abundant water.

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