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3-2-8, the routine to get in shape quickly and easily

By now we all know that the key to health and longevity is to exercise more (also by eating and sleeping correctly and sufficiently). But we also know that we are not willing to die trying. Something that, on the other hand, would only oxidize us more than benefit us. Well, in this search for what is good, beautiful and effective, a new new training routine, known as 3-2-8, which has already gone viral on TikTok (just enter 3-2-8 in the search engine to find zillions of videos on the subject), because it promises to get us in shape quickly and easily.

What is the viral fitness code 3-2-8 on TikTok?

3 days of weight training

The first pillar of this method is to do 3 days of weight training or high intensity exercise. “It is about performing exercises that involve some weight, either with dumbbells, kettlebells, Olympic bars or bars with discs of different weights”explains Sara Álvarez, founder of Reto 48. The ideal routine is to do a full first day, a second focused on working the upper body, and a third focused on the lower body. “In terms of time per session, 30 minutes is enough to tone up and increase metabolism. Although, it is best to arrive at 45-60 minutes. And they usually do 3 to 5 series, and 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise”, points out Sara Álvarez. Something else: the ideal is to do it on alternate days “to let the muscles recover and then gradually increase the intensity every six weeks, either using heavier weights or adding more repetitions”, details this expert. A piece of advice: if you see that it is not difficult for you to perform the last three repetitions, it is a sign that it is your turn to move forward.

2 low intensity routines

The second pillar would be to do low-intensity exercises, such as Pilates, yoga, stretching, hypopressive exercises, active stretching… and also do them every other day. “These are activities with which we will gain flexibility, stretch the muscles, improve posture, strengthen the pelvic floor and achieve a good mind-body connection”, details the founder of Reto48. According to this expert “It’s a kind of active recovery to intersperse with high-intensity exercises.”

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8,000 daily steps

The viral challenge of Tiktok proposes to take 8,000 steps a day, which seems few when the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends taking at least 10,000 steps a day “to be healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.” Sara Álvarez shows the same line: “The ideal, as the World Health Organization rightly says, is to do at least 10,000 steps, but I think it is always better to do 8,000 than none. Moving is important and the more we do it, the better”. In short, you have to do as many steps as possible per day: “There is no maximum. And if you like to run, you can possibly do many more running”, proposes. How to do it? Because it is one thing to walk with the idea of ​​taking a walk and quite another to do it with the aim of exercising. “When it is done to play sports, it is important to achieve a continuous rhythm, which is challenging, but with which we can maintain a conversation without losing our breath or rhythm”advises Sarah.

If you only walked you would already be doing a lot for your health. “Walking at a good pace activates not only the muscles of our legs, but also that of the buttocks and, if we walk with our arms at 90 degrees and squeeze our abdomen when doing so, we can manage to activate all our muscles”says the expert.

The pros of the 3-2-8 fitness challenge that has gone viral on TikTok

In addition to burning calories, this method would help us improve the upper and lower body, the mood, and the immune system. And it seems suitable for everyone.

The cons of the 3-2-8 fitness challenge that has gone viral on TikTok

However, “This is not a method that we recommend at Challenge 48 or put into practice. For us, the ideal is to alternate strength days with other types of exercises such as cardio exercises, HIIT training, TRX, even sports such as paddle tennis, tennis or swimming “warns Sara Álvarez. And it is important that before venturing into any challenge you are assessed by a professional who evaluates “What state are you in when you start this type of training and what pathologies, injuries, objectives and time do you have to achieve your goals”, concludes the expert. Something else: it will be beneficial as long as you accompany it with a balanced and healthy diet.

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