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4 super cheap accessories that make your life much easier in the gym

All of us who have ever gone to the gym know how complicated it is to change the discs to do deadlifts or put on resistance bands to do assisted pull-ups. And we have found a video of the trainer and fitness influencer @rvbengarcia showing the main accessories you need to train.

Accessories that make your life much easier in the gym

1- “To begin with, this is a barbell jack. And it serves to raise the bar and load or unload it more comfortably and at will. As easy as you are seeing, without effort.”

2- “This is a special pin to do super series and change the weight faster on the machine. You just have to choose your first weight, do the repetitions and drop the plates to release it and you can continue with your next series and the guide weight of the machine itself. You can even put several and do giant descending supersets”.

3- “This is fluid magnesium and by applying very little to your hands and waiting just 5 seconds you will get an incredible grip for all the exercises in which you need a good grip and without leaving everything dirty as it usually happens with normal magnesium”.

4- “Finally, this is an arm blaster, an accessory with which you can do concentrated biceps curls wherever you want without the need for a bench. Either with dumbbells or with a bar.”


OFFER The accessory to train your biceps and gain more muscle

OFFER The accessory to train your biceps and gain more muscle

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