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5 Essential Tips for Wearing Swimsuits if You’re Over 50, According to 80s Supermodel Kim Alexis | Clayton News Parade Partner Content


Summer is the perfect time to slip into a new swimsuit or two. But that means it’s also the perfect time for our body insecurities to make themselves known. No matter what age we are, finding confidence in our own skin and body can be tough especially when you’re wearing a swimsuit. While we might get more and more confident with age, it also might get harder to find our groove. What once looked good on us might not fit the same. And after you turn 50, clothing like bathing suits might be harder to style, pick out or wear with confidence.

What are some good bathing suit brands and styles for women over 50?

Norma Kamali



J. Crew

How do you style a bathing suit after turning 50?

5 tips for wearing a swimsuit over 50, according to model Kim Alexis

5 Tips For Wearing a Swimsuit Over 50, From Model Kim Alexis (0:59)

1. Know what looks good on you

2. Know your personality

3. Know your event

4. Accept your body

5. Enjoy and relax

What is the most important factor for a woman over 50 when she’s choosing a bathing suit?

Styles change and we do too, but that’s okay!

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