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5 Exercises To Try If You Want To Get A Toned Body At Home

Who doesn’t want a great, toned body? It is challenging to get the body of our dreams, especially now. That’s because of our sedentary lifestyle, irregular eating patterns, and diet in general. But though difficult, it is not an impossible task. With these easy-to-do exercises, you can work out regularly and become fit at home without burning a hole in your pockets. This list of activities will help you get your dream body at home.

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Try These Exercises At Home To Get A Toned Body

1. Push Ups

Push-ups work on every part of the upper body and tone the body from all areas. Start with a few push-ups daily or at least thrice a week. You can gradually increase the number of push-ups as your body gets used to them.

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2. Lunges

Lunges increase the strength of the legs and primarily work on the legs, thighs, and buttocks. They also work on your balance and promote functional movements. So practice more lunges for toned legs.

3. Squats

Doing squats not only focuses on toning your lower body but also strengthens your core. It increases the flexibility in your legs and hips. They also help you burn calories and thus work on toning the entire body in general.

4. Crunches

Doing crunches work on building your core, and toning your hands and legs too. While starting with the crunches try to take the help of someone to hold your feet from lifting. Once the body gets accustomed, you can perform multiple crunches on your own.

5. Sit Ups

A great way to develop the abdominal muscles, sit-ups are a very basic exercise that we have all known since childhood. But its effects on toning the body are highly effective. The leg muscles and stomach gets the needed exercise which helps in toning them.

6. Planks

Practising planks can work wonders on toning your stomach and strengthening the core. You need to start with holding the position for a few seconds and then gradually increase the time once you gain strength.

Besides performing these exercises, regulate your diet by eating right, increasing the protein intake, ditching refined carbohydrates, including proper portions of fats in your diet, and staying hydrated can also help you get a toned body. We advise you to consult a professional before starting any new fitness program on your own.

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