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“54D” by Rodrigo Garduño: the fitness program dedicated to physical and emotional transformation

Rodrigo Garduño is the mastermind behind the “54D” program, the sports and lifestyle phenomenon that stayed after the pandemic; An online platform that allows you to exercise at any time.

Members of this online community share the same goal and are empowered by the same motivational standards to break their own limits.

all programs “54D ON” includes training, nutrition plan, recovery sessions and a real online coach that motivates you and brings out the best in you. Based on an understanding of the human body and rooted in professional athletic practices, its programs guarantee visible and measurable results in just 54 daysIt doesn’t matter what level people are at, all of their programs are results based.

About Rodrigo Garduño

Creator of 54D. His career in professional soccer gave him theoretical and practical knowledge of physical preparation and peak performance. His natural ability to motivate and as a life coach makes people enjoy his transformation through exercise.

Apple named him “one of the world’s leading fitness brands” and NBC labeled him America’s King of Fitness. Today he continues to create real change in the lives of those who experience his innovative programs.

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