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7 tips to boost your testosterone after 40 years

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  • Testosterone is a fundamental hormone for men, since it determines, for example, your sexual capacity, your muscular gains or even your strength. And, from the age of 40 more or less, it gradually decreases, in the same way that your growth hormone does. Therefore, from that age it is more difficult to gain muscle.

    In fitness terms, there are testosterone boosters, and professional bodybuilders regularly include them in their steroid cycles, but there are also natural ways to maintain and even increase testosterone…

    7 tips to boost your testosterone after 40 years

    1- Maintain a stable body fat index between 12 and 16 percent maximum.

    2- Have a quality sleep and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

    3- Among all the supplements you take, don’t forget zinc and ashwagandha.

    4- Sunbathe frequently and protection, and plenty of vitamin D through food.

    5- Train at least 3 days a week and, in addition to hypertrophy and muscle isolation exercises, give power to strength routines with exercises such as squats, deadlifts or bench press. Leg training triggers our testosterone.

    6- Eat as much protein as you can; minimum 1 gram for each kilo of body weight.

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