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A benchmark in the fitness world and passionate about comfy fashion, the influencer exposed

Anabel Hernández (28 years old) is one of the most successful lifestyle influencers on social media. It has positioned itself as a benchmark in the world of fitness and, precisely in instagram (where he has more than 360,000 followers) and on Tik Tok (more than 100,000), he shares his training routines, sessions with which he has managed to tone his body and look spectacular: “The best therapy for me is sport. I channel all my emotions, it helps me to be stronger”, he has stated publicly. In addition, he has also launched into making recommendations and tips on nutrition after putting himself in the hands of professionals in this sector.

As if that were not enough, she is an ambassador for well-known fashion and beauty brands such as Maybelline and Hawkers.Anabel Hernández lives between Madrid and Rome, and Listísima has had the opportunity to learn all her secrets beauty and in terms of fashion, we confirm that wear the tracksuit for flag. His presence and influence has not stopped growing, join us and get to know his most personal side in detail!

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  • What basic clothing cannot be missing in your wardrobe?

Basic black and white t-shirts.

  • Your favorite piece of clothing

A crop top.

  • A garment that makes you feel good


  • Something you would never, ever wear

I think fashion is cyclical, everything comes back and I can’t tell you that I wouldn’t wear something because maybe I’ll wear it later.

  • What celebrity inspires you when it comes to dressing?

Hailey Bieber.

  • Your favorite fashion brand


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  • The most expensive item in your closet

A Dior bag.

  • What would a look be like for your day to day?

would be a look very comfyfrom hip jeans with a crop top and Jordans, to leggings with sneakers and a blazer or biker, sweatshirts.

  • How would you define your style?

Depends on the situation, I always go casual but I add my touch, a complement or an accessory that attracts a lot of attention.

  • Your worst look to date

Surely at 16 years old he screwed up.

I really liked a bun what did they do to me Malne for the Idol Awards, he was an amazing monkey.

  • Have you regretted buying a garment or an accessory?

We really don’t need anything, you can regret everything you buy because you use it a couple of times and then…

  • How do you dress when nobody sees you?

Like when someone sees me, dressed exactly the same. I really like to go in a tracksuit, with sneakers, with sweatshirts, caps. I always go with my touch.

  • What can’t be missing in your beauty routine?

Good hygiene and good hydration.

  • A beauty secret that you use and have not shared with anyone

When I don’t have a scrub, I use salt or sugar with cream. It does its job.

  • The change of look that you liked the most

I have not done any but the silver eyebrows would be a good option.

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  • What haircut would you never get?

I have long hair and all my life I have had long hair but if I had to cut my hair I could do anything, until I shave my head. If I had to do it, I would dare with absolutely everything.

  • What kind of nails do you like to wear: discreet or risky?

I like them a little long but more discreet.

Sky High, Maybelline’s mascara.

  • Product that cannot be missing in your bag

A good gloss.

  • What lip color makes you feel powerful?

I’m not much of reds, so I prefer a gloss. I see myself with the gloss on my lips and I feel that I can handle everything.

  • Brand of cosmetics you use the most


  • How much do you spend a month on makeup?

I don’t usually spend a lot, I couldn’t say an exact figure.

  • What do you like most about your physique?

I like my lips a lot, my long hair and my abdomen.

  • Favorite sport you practice

Gym and I like to go running to clear my head, to get away from everything.

As she has assured us from her representation agency, Anabel follows a four day workout routine which are divided into two parts:

  1. Two sessions focused on lower body strength work (quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus).
  2. Two functional training sessions where the whole body is worked.

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