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A different arm routine for bigger biceps

    Some good biceps and pectorals are very aesthetically pleasing, although not enough… With the aim of training your biceps well, today we propose a different, but very effective workout from the trainer and fitness influencer Borja Sanfelix. (Top 21 Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms).

    Since they are not a large muscle, in fact, they are smaller than the triceps, the ideal is to isolate it as much as possible, attack them from all angles, take care of the technique as much as possible and give your routines a lot of intensity and achieve a good pump. Composed of a long and a short head, they are easy to exercise and very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they will help you to execute exercises of other muscle groups such as the back with pull-ups (Amazon’s smart assembly-free pull-up bar), for example.

    A different biceps workout


    1- Open + closed curl: 4 series of 10 repetitions

    2- Hammer: 4 series of 10 repetitions

    3- Combined curl: 4 series of 10 repetitions

    4- Open + closed spider curl: 4 series of 20 repetitions and even looking for muscular failure in the last two series

    As a finisher, you can do a couple sets of underhand grip pull-ups.

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